Ana Sanchez Poems

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Forgetting You

One destined for your touch
Don't reimburse me with your trust
Lacking every single moment for your time
For the day that you will never be mine

Momentum Rush

There is no more blood running thru your veins
No more deep thoughts in your brains
My pulse crushing this momentum
thru my thrust of thirst for your blush

A Daughters Promise


What Does A Girl Have To Do

In Despair

A Delicate Peace Of Mind

Rescue Me

Rescue me from this nicotine thats suppose to be bad for me
Rescue me from these lonely nights when I am suppose to be by your side.
Rescue me from this mystery thats suppose to be us
Take me into ectasy, merely passing philosophy of your existence.

Four Letter Word

Love is a four letter word with plenty of meaning behind it, the L represents
Life, without life, we wouldn't experience love. after all life is made of love
O represents the obstacles we go through in love. It has its rough patches, each
hole is filled with the outcome of an issue we all face. V represents Vitality


Each day passes by. My mind wandering away. Telling myself these feelings I can't delay. You have so much
appeal to you. I keep hesitating and I'm being honest too. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully
that will be the day that You and i cling. Since the day I saw you. I was dazed. Hearing your voice, i was
amazed.Focusing on your tempting lips, that if one day ill get to kiss and ponder away to sweet bliss

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