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I'm a lost soul, who finds it intriguing to write about anything..But Love has always been my passion, My founder..I been writing poetry since i was 17 years old....or at least short is still with me til this day. Writing helped me through a rough stage in my life..Called Depression..Thank God i haven't looked back..I would like to publish a book..Let'
s see how it goes...

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O'pateng Joy 24 August 2009

Its really sweet...I like it.

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The Best Poem Of Ana Sanchez

Forgetting You

One destined for your touch
Don't reimburse me with your trust
Lacking every single moment for your time
For the day that you will never be mine
End this war for my attention.
Delete all those memories of me
For you don't deserve me
Silence suits you well
My heart is torn between the day
That i fell for your sultry kiss
Forgetting you i must nor your beauty allows me too
I miss those heavenly charm, your masculine design
Soft sleek texture, your voluptuous scent of mind.
Take me back to the time which i cant remember and
I must move forth with this mind that
allows me to cure your thesis of miraculous being

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Ana Sanchez Popularity

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