Anahit Arustamyan

Silver Star - 3,649 Points [Ann] (21.05.1963 / Armenia)

Anahit Arustamyan Poems

1. Stranger! 7/24/2015
2. In Heaven Or In Hell 7/26/2015
3. Sail My Dreams! 7/28/2015
4. It's A Waste Of Time 7/31/2015
5. Airport 8/2/2015
6. There Is Something To Share 8/5/2015
7. The Right Answer 8/10/2015
8. Give Me Your Hand! 8/14/2015
9. The Midnight Train 8/19/2015
10. You Are Not Only A Lake 8/21/2015
11. Modigliani! 8/25/2015
12. Bonjour My Sister! 8/27/2015
13. You Don'T Belong To Me 8/28/2015
14. It's A Gift 8/28/2015
15. Your Rhapsody 9/2/2015
16. It's Early To Sleep 9/2/2015
17. My Mirage Rained 9/4/2015
18. Moonlight Sonata 9/4/2015
19. My Shabby Fence 9/14/2015
20. I Can Guess 9/16/2015
21. That Waltz 9/18/2015
22. The Phantom Of Opera 9/19/2015
23. Fantasies! 9/23/2015
24. The Red Poppies And The Mad Wind 9/26/2015
25. If My Key Opened Your Door 10/1/2015
26. Gentleman! 10/18/2015
27. Soon! 11/13/2015
28. Your Voyage Is Mine 11/13/2015
29. My Fascinated Fantasy! 12/8/2015
30. The Pomegranate Wine 12/11/2015
31. Tomorrow We Will Rise Early 12/11/2015
32. Barefooted Waterfall 12/17/2015
33. The Snow Queen 12/21/2015
34. You Were Waiting For Me, Sir 12/26/2015
35. Do Sing Your Song To Me! 12/30/2015
36. The Clock Is The Time's Tongue 1/4/2016
37. I Was Born To Hear Your Bell 1/5/2016
38. Pilot! 1/9/2016
39. I Wander 1/11/2016
40. Do Tell Liverpool! 1/13/2016

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Swallow, I am tiny but you are tinier than me.
You can fly over the largest seas.
I just flow in my blue ink.
Swallow! Aren't you my spirit?
You hide me in your white breast's silk.
What is a bird's life like in singing springs?
Is it easy for you to get straw and seeds?
I can't imagine it as I am unwinged.
You can knit a nest in the highest tree.
You can jump on the sky's knee.
Your roads are open and free.
No, you are even bigger than me.

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You Invented Me

You invented me as Pygmalion created his goddess. Pygmalion fell in love with the marble's brightness. Are you in love with me or the moon's sadness? The weather is changing so the sky can be starless. Pygmalion had at least the marble's brightness. The blue sky wrapped in your eyes is cloudless. You have at least your hope's freshness. I have plenty of smoke in my lungs and my ink's madness. You invented me to have your goddess. You didn't make me of marble so my life can't be

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