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Have you ever been awake in the morning?
To see the golden
Line hug the horizon when
Sun meets Earth.Feel the

Tossed with neutral hope out of a kind hand,
Towards an uncertain future.
I don't need much, not much at all,
A little sun,

The gong of the sun rises upon a dusty plain where comparitive kids join to welcome the heat haste day.
They are unwashed by waters and standards of civility, but when they play they hug the world and their laughter creates a tune.
As the hot pots of pap simmer in the rays of the eye in the sky, mothers wash small babies under dripping taps of little water
Their love escapes them as they carress these little beings with kisses and song, as babies giggle and look up to the heavens with a twinkle in their eye

The darkness creeps so soft and fast,
And terror fills our bones to last.
But light is there in all its glory,
I fight my flesh because He is worthy.

Part 1

The time continues to tick away,
And I lay still, like a

She comes to me in the quiet of night,
When all is quiet.
She touches me gently, carefully
And commands me to come.

Arch your back for a familiar God.
Mechanised reasoning
Conditioned thinking
Expected speeches

Look at that poor child
He is the face of Africa!
Black, snot-nosed, hungry and filthy.

I woke once to a scream of terror.
The people crowned him with a tyre and set it alight.
I heard too how they cursed him
Shouting: 'Go back home, you foreigner.'

Life begins with a short breath to a long story.
A silence march towards experiences all too gory.
I savor joy, for it is short,
I must smile for happiness cannot be bought.


I drag my body to appear before your revealing throne,
With down turned eyes.
I scrape together what is left of my courage to
Face the truth and it is too much to bear.

Were you there in 1652 when the Drommedaris hit our shore.
And the Dutch came armed and eager for war.
An overlapping ecstasy of man,
All to desimate the San.

He stood then bent over
As if drawn to his bag
Stationed at his feet.
He scratched in his bag

The day is new when I awake.
The young sun peeps curiously through my window.
Oft when I awake I think
The bridge between slovenly sleep and waking.

Girl and boy in a ball.
In pleasure and ecstasy they move from wall to wall.
She rests her head upon his chest.
Their passionate action done,

Emmite spiritum tuum, Pater.
Omul este atat de pierdut si atat de slab.


I view you from a safe distance,
As you display yourself.
Your waves.
Your shore.

Don't hear the sudden stop of their van.
Don't see them approach like blood thirsty jackals.
Don't feel the gun against your head.
Don't think of where you are going.

Not a word was said
But the beat was dead.
Once it gave life to a warm womb
That is now a cold tomb.

Anand Brown Biography

I am Anand Brown a 20 year old poet from the industrial town of Uitenhage in South Africa. I am Literature student at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I wrote my first poem at the age of 17 and never looked back. I hope my work will speak to you as it has to me.)

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Awake In The Morning

Have you ever been awake in the morning?
To see the golden
Line hug the horizon when
Sun meets Earth.Feel the
Cool-cool breeze upon your face,
As it holds onto the air,
While sparrows shake their fluffy bodies
In a ceremonial preparation for the day.

The silent noise that overwhelms the
Aura of order over the dead people,
Cadaverous with sleep!
Roosters boisterously lift their heads acutely into the air
And proclaim to the heavens above
That night has lost the battle.

The fog sits pleasantly over
Green-green grass
And the trees stretch their branches
As they wake.
The little sparrows
Chirp-chirp a melody with happy heart,
While Venus dominates the
Blue-blue sky.

When man wakes it is
Too-too late,
For nature has already displayed its
Simple wonders.

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Anand Brown Popularity

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