Anand Brown

Anand Brown Poems

1. From Dusk To Death 4/23/2014
2. Death, Where Is Your Anchor? 4/23/2014
3. The Polygamist 4/23/2014
4. Mother From A Foreign Land 6/9/2014
5. Baby In The Drain 6/9/2014
6. The Acts 6/9/2014
7. Beach I Claim You 6/10/2014
8. Be Strong 6/10/2014
9. Conceived In Silence 6/10/2014
10. Breaking Away 6/10/2014
11. A Paupers Prayer 6/10/2014
12. For The Khoisan - Son Of Man 6/9/2014
13. Mirror 4/23/2014
14. Trials Of Life 4/15/2014
15. Flesh Is Not Flesh 8/21/2013
16. Africa Is Dark 4/23/2014
17. Life On Earth 4/23/2014
18. I Call Her Sarah 4/23/2014
19. On And On And On 4/23/2014
20. First Letter To Myself 4/30/2014
21. Bitter But Better 4/16/2014
22. Township Life 11/6/2013
23. I Don'T Need Much 4/23/2014
24. Awake In The Morning 4/23/2014
Best Poem of Anand Brown

Awake In The Morning

Have you ever been awake in the morning?
To see the golden
Line hug the horizon when
Sun meets Earth.Feel the
Cool-cool breeze upon your face,
As it holds onto the air,
While sparrows shake their fluffy bodies
In a ceremonial preparation for the day.

The silent noise that overwhelms the
Aura of order over the dead people,
Cadaverous with sleep!
Roosters boisterously lift their heads acutely into the air
And proclaim to the heavens above
That night has lost the battle.

The fog sits pleasantly over
Green-green grass
And the trees ...

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Township Life

The gong of the sun rises upon a dusty plain where comparitive kids join to welcome the heat haste day.
They are unwashed by waters and standards of civility, but when they play they hug the world and their laughter creates a tune.
As the hot pots of pap simmer in the rays of the eye in the sky, mothers wash small babies under dripping taps of little water
Their love escapes them as they carress these little beings with kisses and song, as babies giggle and look up to the heavens with a twin

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