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Water an elemental
Water a fundamental
Building block of life
Water of Life

The element of fire
Constructive, destructive
The bright light of fire
The slight of fire

I saw you walking down the Road
I got into the poetic Mode
I thought let me write this Ode

Earth, The mother, the container
The container of life, future
Materialism, Sensuality
Fertility, Humor

I am an Akkadian from Akkad
My hair is black, and I have a sack
If you think I am mad, my king is sane
If you think my king is mad, I am sane

I am trying to find my poetic rhythm.
Pen my flow of thoughts.
Words running through my mind,
Ideas running through my mind.

My name is death
I am the reaper
Spectre of Death

Excessive love of others
Inordinate craving for
The pleasures of the body
Self control, the only redemption

Hunter of poems
Punter of poems
Hunter of punters
Poems of Poems

Female part of human race
Expected to keep the pace
Supposed to have the grace
Never wear a wry face

Flash Floods, Tsunami
Earth Quakes, Volcanoes
Plagues, anthrax
Global warming, water level

My body’s very heavy, lethargy
My eyelid’s very heavy, fluttering
My hand’s very heavy, twitching
My breathing’s very heavy, ragged

I cannot see, people dying
I cannot see, women crying
I cannot see, vultures flying
I cannot see, dead frying

Life the Illusion
Vanity of humanity
Infusion of illusion
Illusion the delusion

My Name is Bond, James Bond
I drive an Astin Martin
I carry a Walther PPK

On day 1 light is created
On day 2 heaven is created
On day 3 earth is created
Six, the sum, the product

I wake up in the morning
Disoriented, in a daze
Know not if still dreaming
Confused, in a maze

No bumbling, no fumbling
No tumbling, no stumbling
No barrier earthly n physical

Life is boring
Crows are snoring
Bats are warring

Here lies a stripper
Who never wore a zipper
Made all men chipper
Wanted to marry a skipper

Anand Dixit Biography

Hi, I am a very serious, introverted guy who lives in his own shell. I don't believe in pseudo societies we have created and living in. I don't like humans, and I don't like to meet them. The more u meet them, the more expectations, the more ideas, the more pretenses u are bombarded with. I cant live them, I cant leave without them. I am having a symbiotic relation with them. Cheers, Happy Writing)

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4. Elements – Water

Water an elemental
Water a fundamental
Building block of life
Water of Life
Water of Death

Water in all religions
Water in all living things
Water in all countries
Water also used for barter

No life without water
No rife with water
No respect for water
Willful neglect of water

Water, for cooking
Water, for cleaning
Water, for drinking
Water, for living
Water, for dying

Water is the same
In all languages
Water is the same
To all living beings

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Anand Dixit Popularity

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