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Anand Kumar Poems

1. To My Love 8/6/2006
2. To My Friend... 10/8/2006
3. Special Person.., 10/8/2006
4. Confinement Of A Day 10/8/2006
5. My Life With Passion 10/9/2006
6. To My Parents 10/29/2006
7. A Spare Of Thought 12/22/2006
8. The Long Wait 2/12/2007
9. My Love For You 2/12/2007
10. A Stunning Moment 2/12/2007
11. A Special Poem 2/12/2007
12. You Mean A Lot 2/12/2007
13. Farewell Of Love 2/12/2007
14. For My Love(A Greeting) 2/12/2007
15. The Person's Mind 2/12/2007
16. The Almighty 'sun' 2/12/2007
17. The Energy Within Myself 2/12/2007
18. Forgotten Dreams 2/16/2007
19. The Day Would..Come.... 6/14/2007
20. Those Happier Moments 3/16/2008
21. A Day In Loneliness 4/9/2008
22. The Days Of Yours 4/16/2008
23. A Day In The Heat 4/27/2008
24. For You 5/14/2008
25. In Your Sweet Memories 5/15/2008
26. When I Said It... 6/14/2008
27. Beyond Love 7/4/2008
28. My Loneliness 11/9/2008
29. On Your Arrival 12/1/2008
30. Where Were You 7/28/2009
31. For You My Sister 8/18/2009
32. A Dedication To Young Mothers 8/24/2009
33. Oh Little Baby 10/2/2009
34. A Tragedy Called Love 11/29/2009
35. Caught At Cross Roads 10/1/2010
36. Afraid... 6/23/2009
37. I Wish I Could 7/11/2009
38. Friendship-An Unique Experience 8/7/2011
39. Just One Smile 8/10/2011
40. Just For You 6/14/2007

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Best Poem of Anand Kumar

The Prayer Of Life

'God has given us a lovely life...
all of this world is His home...
why have tears in your eyes...
just close them and sing a prayer for Him...

There is always a hand to wipe your tears...
There is always a heart to put a smile...
There still remains lots of happiness in us to feel...

What have we got with us when we came...
What would we be taking back when we go...
Let us give all that we have and we would not need...

In ones life there is no scarcity of Goods...
There is no shortage of happiness either...
Wherever our life takes us...

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To My Friend...

If I were to be the Moon..,
I would make sure...
that I would not be seen by you..,
As I would want you to see the brightness always..,

If I had the power to control the time,
Then the time would stay still..,
When I am with you..,

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