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Oh, Holy night
Oh, Holy night
Night like a light
Lighting up my life


I see through the window
Across the Brandished grills.
It was a silent Eve.

The barren land once fertile,
Now fell in men's hands futile,

The sacrifice of strongest being borne by the nature

The children walked.
Then they began to run.
Why are we running, one asked?
No one knew. They ran faster.

The mistakes that I made,
The foregone's I drag along with,
And the memories that haunt me,
All alone brings a smile

A half filled coffee cup
Just the way life is all about
Fulfilling like evening

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Ananta Drusus is a student and an amateur author. An avid reader, she enjoys playing with words. She loves coffee, books, and webtoons and is constantly in pursuit of ornamental tattoo art. Nothing brings her more contentment than seeing a reader enjoying her works. The fragrance of wet breeze and sand inspires her to write. At the very tender age of 7, she won a storytelling competition, which paved her way into the field of literature. The story-writing part of her annual school examinations at every grade was her forte. All her classmates would huddle together to hear her recite her short stories from the examination leading her to realize her potential. Being encouraged by the English teachers of her school, she has participated in various literature competitions, which has also led her to publish a few of her articles on Time-nie(A newspaper in her country) for students. Inspired by the poems of Robert Frost, she took up poetry and wrote about 20 poems, of which two were published in the Times-nie. She is also an occasional experimental author on Wattpad.)

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Holy Night

Oh, Holy night
Oh, Holy night
Night like a light
Lighting up my life
Dancing through the fire
Moving like a bliss
Worries drifting away
Far away
Far away

With you by my side
No fear can take over
Oh serenity
Filling up my soul
Drifting away
In an ocean of bliss
Far away
Far away

With people singing and dancing
Like nothing ever matters
Filling up the night with laughter

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What is destined to be ours will always be ours either good or bad.

No matter how desperate, restless and relentless one is, Only time can tell what they are destined for...

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