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Ananta Madhavan Poems

281. A Day Unfolds 5/4/2017
282. Morphing Shade And Sunlight 5/9/2017
283. Tenses 5/11/2017
284. Myth And Psyche 2/24/2017
285. When Jung Was Far From Freud. 2/26/2017
286. The Verb Supreme, Cosmic Ethics 5/14/2017
287. Words Brush Past 5/24/2017
288. To Bravely Split 5/25/2017
289. A Whimsical Oxymoron 5/29/2017
290. The Body Ages Differently 5/31/2017
291. See Things Anew, Afresh 6/12/2017
292. Dream Reality 7/9/2017
293. Space For Creation 7/13/2017
294. Monosyllables May Serve 7/16/2017
295. On The Contrary 7/29/2017
296. Two Thoughts Of Mother 7/29/2017
297. Better No Martial Highway 8/1/2017
298. Wonderful Philosophy 8/14/2017
299. Wondering About Words To Match Sense 8/14/2017
300. Consensual Real World 8/18/2017
301. Inventing The Need 9/13/2017
302. Mother 9/28/2017
303. A Song For The Way 10/1/2017
304. Our Consensual World Is 'real' 10/4/2017
305. A Scroll Of Memory 10/19/2017
306. 10/20/2017
307. The Future Has A Past 10/20/2017
308. Elsewhere, Unvisited 10/22/2017
309. In Holistic Homage, Envisioning 10/31/2017
310. Www 11/6/2017
311. Language Implies Words As Names To Share 12/10/2017
312. In Brief, ‘www' 12/11/2017
313. Find Felicity In Momentary Images 12/19/2017
314. In Cyberspace 12/28/2017
315. A New Year Trail 12/29/2017
316. A New Calendar Year, January 2018 1/3/2018
317. Futurology Sometime 1/30/2018
318. Two Facets Of Words -new- 2/14/2018
319. Suburbia Sprawls -new- 2/14/2018
320. The World Becomes A Dream -new- 2/14/2018

Comments about Ananta Madhavan

  • Chukwuma Ndububa Chukwuma Ndububa (10/5/2017 3:16:00 AM)

    Your energy is uplifting, dear beautiful mind. Carrying everything in style, attentive to details, gracious and considerate, your presence is simply comforting.
    Thanks for being you. A joy to connect...

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  • Valsa George Valsa George (10/15/2014 8:17:00 AM)

    I enjoyed the opening stanza.... So realistic! When there is only faint light one feels the rotund chair tops and the hulk of the table while proceeding to the balcony.... The mist covered sky being compared to a white washed canvas is a great image and the hills and trees slowly emerging from cover is beautiful!

    That obscuring veil of mist becomes
    A diaphanous gauze of translucence,
    Asserting hill-crest and hill-rock
    Along my trans-urban horizon.

    A picturesque description of the scenery watched through a diaphanous gauze of mist!

Best Poem of Ananta Madhavan

'Did I Ever Exist? '

I am not sure I ever lived, except in this imagined space,
This concoction of words that perhaps make a little sense
To a kindly heart like yours.

If I was never born,
I never died. Was I immortal
Without ever being me, a person with a body, mind and soul,
Like you, but different, a unique variant?

I am no freak, no fiction, once I was a fact,
If Time can be trusted, solar or cosmic.
My tale is sad and simple. Mother's womb
Was all the world I ever knew
Before I grew to be a person,
Rather than a form of words, your words, this ...

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The Philosopher

Others may hack and saw,
He troubled the root
With a question mark.

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