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Ananta Madhavan Poems

281. Poems I Like 1/8/2014
282. Two Prayers 1/12/2014
283. Lines To A Writer 1/12/2014
284. Symbol Moments 1/13/2014
285. Two Swiss Recollections 1/18/2014
286. The Mohanjo-Daro Bull 1/20/2014
287. Dulwich Park In May 1/20/2014
288. After The Rain 1/22/2014
289. Hymn To The Waters 1/22/2014
290. Words 1/22/2014
291. Blue Serenade 1/22/2014
292. The Philosopher 12/12/2013
293. Nature Lies 12/16/2013
294. Points Of View 12/19/2013
295. Fugitive Equation 1/23/2014
296. Defendant To Jury 1/25/2014
297. Beginning To Wonder 1/25/2014
298. To Name A Mood 1/29/2014
299. That Still Quality 1/29/2014
300. To Make A Myth 1/31/2014
301. A Flight Of Parakeets 2/1/2014
302. The New Cartography 2/1/2014
303. Photosynthesis 2/3/2014
304. Three Sorts 2/2/2014
305. Fossil 2/3/2014
306. Frames 2/3/2014
307. A Snowfall In Peking 1/14/2014
308. Small Poems From Youth 1/15/2014
309. A Poet Waits, In Vain? 2/4/2014
310. Ode To River Kaveri 2/5/2014
311. Still, From A Film 2/5/2014
312. Lost City, ''Poom-Puhar' 2/6/2014
313. Kutraalam Waterfalls 2/6/2014
314. Fish-Eye Lens 2/6/2014
315. Petrified Tree 2/7/2014
316. The Complaints Book 2/7/2014
317. Lucid Moment 2/7/2014
318. Pop Singer 2/9/2014
319. Sand Castles 2/9/2014
320. Port 2/11/2014

Comments about Ananta Madhavan

  • A. Madhavan (7/19/2018 1:30:00 AM)

    I have been an occasional contributor to PH, and would welcome comments
    from readers who agree with me or dissent. Now in my mid-eighties, I cannot
    retire from the world and its profuse signals - of both assent and dissent; but
    mostly, 'just pass on'. There is no 'aadi', no 'antha'. Existence is the essence
    of the Present Continuous Tense: the Everlasting 'Now'. Enjoy or Endure.. Best.

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  • Nivy Sochi Nivy Sochi (10/5/2017 3:16:00 AM)

    Your energy is uplifting, dear beautiful mind. Carrying everything in style, attentive to details, gracious and considerate, your presence is simply comforting.
    Thanks for being you. A joy to connect...

  • Valsa George Valsa George (10/15/2014 8:17:00 AM)

    I enjoyed the opening stanza.... So realistic! When there is only faint light one feels the rotund chair tops and the hulk of the table while proceeding to the balcony.... The mist covered sky being compared to a white washed canvas is a great image and the hills and trees slowly emerging from cover is beautiful!

    That obscuring veil of mist becomes
    A diaphanous gauze of translucence,
    Asserting hill-crest and hill-rock
    Along my trans-urban horizon.

    A picturesque description of the scenery watched through a diaphanous gauze of mist!

Best Poem of Ananta Madhavan

Order Out Of Chaos

Panting up the slopes
With the wind brewing in the trees,
And the mountain line like a row
Of aged teeth decaying,
And the cold air in hunger
Nibbling at my warmth,
I think of the jagged beauty that disturbs
The neatly ordered boxes of my mind;
And I think of the rich irrelevance around me,
And I know that I will never smooth
The scarred and pimpled visage of the earth,
Nor rearrange the scattered stars
In jewelled patterns.
I have no secrets from the mocking peak.

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A Cynic Turns Away

Speak true, they said
and sniggered when I took them at their word.

Play fair, they said,
Winking as they cheated me and others.

You will learn the rules as you go on;
If you win, you're one of us.
If you lose, we disown you.

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