Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews Poems

1. Make The Most Of It! 1/22/2009
2. The World Has Got It's Priority's All Wrong And We Know It 1/22/2009
3. The Rise And Fall Of The Five Sisters 1/22/2009
4. Haircut On A Friday 1/22/2009
5. Here Comes The Summer Sun Again 1/22/2009
6. I Want To Love Her So Much 1/23/2009
7. A Gentle Breeze Blows In The Heat. 1/23/2009
8. That's Bad Stuff 1/27/2009
9. Survival On The Streets 1/27/2009
10. When Death Seems Just Around The Corner 1/27/2009
11. Every Day Was A Summers One 1/27/2009
12. The Four Seasons Of Glasgow 1/30/2009
13. Shopping Centre {trials Of Life} 1/30/2009
14. What A Day It Was 2/3/2009
15. At That Exact Moment 12/31/2008
16. Stage Fright 12/31/2008
17. Dark Prisms Part 1 1/13/2009
18. Earth Goes For A Burton 1/13/2009
19. The Scales Of Life Balance 2/6/2009
20. The Pain Is Getting Worse 2/6/2009
21. The Girl Who Was Good At Drawing 2/6/2009
22. Precious Life 2/8/2009
23. Music 2/8/2009
24. Like Summer Even Though It's Winter 2/8/2009
25. I Need Somebody. 2/8/2009
26. Another Sleepless Night 2/8/2009
27. The Anti Rip Van Winkle 2/9/2009
28. Love Brought Me Out Of It 2/9/2009
29. Pathetic 2/10/2009
30. Zap A Fly Rather Than Use A Spray 2/18/2009
31. Death Row 1/25/2009
32. The Soldier Who Saw What No Man Should See 1/25/2009
33. Flowers And Trees 2/18/2009
34. I Daren'T Close My Eyes 3/8/2009
35. Lies 3/11/2009
36. Space Is Ace 3/11/2009
37. Natures Power 3/11/2009
38. A Terrible Tragedy A Terrible Thing 3/11/2009
39. Into The Setting Sun 3/13/2009
40. The Snowman 3/13/2009

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  • Janell Cressman (4/5/2009 11:48:00 AM)

    an amazing poet!
    he is amazing at painting pictures with his words! ! !
    fantastic poet! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Best Poem of Andrew Matthews

One Man's Shit Is Another Man's Foie Gras

I threw away an old piece of furniture today
an old wardrobe.
It was falling apart and it didn't take long
to break it down.
It could make someone a good fire
in this cold weather.

I gave away some old clothing to a charity
I just put it in a big plastic bag at my front door.
hopefully to keep the poorest people warmer
in this cold weather, or maybe just to keep
the merciless sun off their skin.

That's about all I've got that I can throw away.
Apart from empty tins of food and packaging
and paper from poems that didn't make it
into the ...

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Dark Prisms Part 1

Dark Prisms are what I see
when I look beyond my mind.
How can I feel there's any hope
When broken dreams are all I find.

Sometimes I grab aimlessly at the future I cannot see,
Maybe I am trying to be something I can never be.
Beginning to fester in my self pity
But trying to fight the pain within me.

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