Ange de Lune

Ange de Lune Poems

1. Infinity Trinity 9/20/2010
2. Tree Of Life 9/20/2010
3. True Friend 9/20/2010
4. Eclipse 9/20/2010
5. Time...Stands Still 9/20/2010
6. Fondre......... 9/21/2010
7. Thousand Cuts 9/26/2010
8. 11: 33 9/26/2010
9. Floral Bouquet 9/26/2010
10. One.... 9/29/2010
11. On This New Moon Night 9/29/2010
12. Lunar Beauty 9/29/2010
13. Dark Hole 10/18/2010
14. Untouched 10/18/2010
15. Fleur De L'Ange De Lune 1/6/2011
16. Passionate Consummation 6/9/2011
17. Her Midnight Wolf, His Flaming Bird 6/9/2011
18. Dancing Nebula 9/21/2010
19. Stargazer Mine 9/26/2010
20. Five Senses 6/9/2011
21. Love In Death.............. 9/20/2010
22. Phoenix 9/21/2010
23. Three Crosses 9/20/2010
24. Distraction 6/9/2011
25. Spelling Love 9/21/2010

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Best Poem of Ange de Lune

Spelling Love

love you hey
love you from my heart
love you in my soul
love you lead my mind
love you all around
love you near
love you afar
love you with bright eyes
love you in tears
love you laughing
love you with joy
love you full of life
love you in dreams
love you to inspire
love you for peace
love you as mine
love you here
love you for all time
love you believing
love you with passion
love you from desire
love you so true
love you unconditionally
love you loving
love you always

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Three Crosses

This Full Moon night I bear witness to
The magic that surrounds me
In Loving Light
Standing before the First Cross
Letting soul whispers carried forth
Along the gentle breeze
Not to distant for all to see
The Second Cross called to me
Knowing there be a Third

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