Angel Fury

Rookie (Febuary 19,1993- NOT DEAD YET! ! !)

Biography of Angel Fury

Hi everyone! My name is Baylee Gurertte (Grrrr-ette) . I decided to go with the poet name Angel Fury because I've had a bad past that can't be forgotten. I've been played a lot by men who think they can get whatever they want, but I thought they were nice at the time. I've never felt the same after those men after again. My father is a complete idiot. He slapped me when I was around 4 years of age, And my parents had a fight in my room when I was 5. I've never been able to cope with that and I believe it's affected my life. My mother and father separated after that. Shortly after my dad started drinking and smoking, My mom never started drinking, Only on occations she did... but never around us, but started smoking. Currently I live with my mom who is finally trying to Quit her habit and I visit my Dad through CAS (Childrens Aid Society) because of something that happened between my Dad & brother. The only way that I can get rid of the pain or sorrow that I have was to write poetry, Song lyrics and short stories. Some of them may be silly... but those were the days that I actually felt like.... myself. So that's me. If you want to know more about me, E-mail me at Sorry if I don't reply right away, because I don't have internet yet. the only time I can reply is if I'm at school or at the Library. Updates

Who Cares

People make fun of people,
Especially their sexuality,
But what if one of your frends was gay,
But you liked their personality.

Say they never told you,
That they were gay or bi,
Then you found out, out of nowhere,
Would you wish they would die?

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