Angel Fury

Rookie (Febuary 19,1993- NOT DEAD YET! ! !)

Angel Fury Poems

1. Who Cares 11/24/2008
2. Replacing Love 11/24/2008
3. The Tale Of Kenedy Ginn 11/26/2008
4. Cupids Little Spear 11/29/2008
5. ~~~lol~~~ 1/7/2009
6. §° I'M Back °§ 1/7/2009
7. ↨ Never True! ↨ 3/13/2009
8. Have You Seen The Deadman? 6/2/2009
9. Life Sucks! 6/2/2009
10. ? ? Wrong? ? 1/23/2009
11. A Girl And Boy In Love 3 10/20/2010
12. Mistake 11/20/2008
13. ▒ I'M Broken ▒ 1/19/2009
14. ≡ I Dream ≡ 1/30/2009
15. Breaking An Angels Heart 11/18/2008
16. ***suicide*** 12/16/2008

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  • Sunset moonshine (2/11/2009 7:08:00 PM)

    you are a very good poet...
    Keep it up...
    I enjoy reading your stuff....

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Best Poem of Angel Fury


People get fed up,
With everything someone does,
So they start screaming at them,
Just cuz.

But the thing that they never think,
Is what their thinking at that moment,
And now they really want to do it,
Because of the apponent.

So as soon as they got home,
They go right to the kitchen,
They pull somthing out of the drawer,
It was a knife they were fetchin.

They start writing a simple note,
On why they would even commite,
They write on that note everything,
And why they would think of that s*it.

After they got done, ...

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Who Cares

People make fun of people,
Especially their sexuality,
But what if one of your frends was gay,
But you liked their personality.

Say they never told you,
That they were gay or bi,
Then you found out, out of nowhere,
Would you wish they would die?

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