Angel OfDarkness Poems

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Stories Of Lies

Making up stories, and telling make believe,
Is cute for all the children, but only when their 3
Why must you tell lies, and speak in deception
When you should be nice, and work on acceptation

Everytime I Look At The Sky.

Everytime I look up, I see your face.
Everytime I look down, I see your fate.
Why didn't I go with you
Why did I have to stay.


It's not fair
Its just not okay
How come I don’t fit in
Why must my life live in sin

You'Re Lies

Why do you have to lie?
What is the reason?
Is it to gain power for yourself?
Is it to damage the reputation of another?

How Can I?

How can I be myself in a world that demands perfection?
In a world full of discrestion

How can I love who I want when boys are filled with hate?

I Noticed

Today was not the same
Everything was pushed in my face
And i hurt to see the shame
I noitced I'm different and barely ever speak

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