Stories Of Lies Poem by Angel OfDarkness

Stories Of Lies

Making up stories, and telling make believe,
Is cute for all the children, but only when their 3
Why must you tell lies, and speak in deception
When you should be nice, and work on acceptation
Even if the story is true, it’s not your place to speak
You should silence yourself of the lies
Or I’ll damn you to die, and to speak no more.
You all darkened the heart of an innocent child
And now you cower in the face of my revenge
This story is what’s left of my goodness
Which is fading even less and less
What is the matter with you people
Don’t you understand
I wish to be your friend
Not to “Steal Your Man”
The red and pure heart had been blacked.
The tears once innocent have been bled dry.
The world is over for this innocent child.
She’s wishes herself dead at night
She leaves in the morning with tears of cries
Do you see what stories do to a poor girl?
Don’t you see what lies can do.
If I ever catch you vomiting your lies at others
And pushing hate to good kids
I’ll make sure you won’t breathe an other breath to live.

BlacknessRose ... 28 November 2007

Mwahahaha Angel Sweetie I told you Once would look better in the poem in front of innocent! ^_^ Just dropping by to leave you a comment on this poem...yesh still in frickin creative writing now with you =^_^= I put up my poems! Lovez Chelsea

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