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To see the world,
Through your eyes would mean the world,
To want nothing more than to imagine,
What you have felt,


I think that I am in love
I feel so alive
I want nothing more than you
I feel that I already know you

They have all done it
They have all seen it
They have all lost it
I wish that I had too

would you rather be the one with 5 kids at the age of 16 and living in a trailer,
or would you rather be the one with 1 kid at the age of 35 and living in a manchion,
i would love to have one kid and in a manchion...i want to live my life for me and to be able to give my child everything they ever wanted would mean the world to me,
they all have told me that money aint nothing in life,


I see all the other people in this big old fat thing we call life,
I think about how their life,
You are in their lives,
Why aren't you in my life like you are in theirs,

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I am just 15 and i am attending high school. I am one of many who are in the marching band but i am the only drum major. i feel that music is a way of escaping and not having to deal with your feelings like most do, and i think that when i just sit and stare into space im thinking of something and i think of i dont know to be honest. you know what i have no idea what i am talking about to be honest i am just a 15 yr. old grl and i am just trying to fit in and be normal and i see there is no normal. not in the world that i live in, i feel that there is nothing waiting for me once i graduate in 2015 if i graduate in 2015.)

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Things That Just Poped In My Mind

Some day all will be good and none will be lost i never have heard this but it some how managed to pop in my head and i think that someday i will have to leave this 'beautiful' place we call Earth, i know that i will probibly never get the chance to see and discover all that i want to but i think that i will still enjoy all the things that this old world had/has to offer and i may be only 15 and my birthday in not much but a bit 4 1/2 months. i think that this is going to be one blistering wild summer and i think that i will not be able to sleep for the air will be so tense and dry and i feel that there will be no love and yet tons of baby's as to last year. i look out the window and see that i will someday be in that poluting car and see that i am nothing in this big old world just like evrybody else. p.s. this was just what poped into my mind in my 5th hour class. i am so bored that it's not even funny.and this is my first 'poem'.

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Angel Skinner Popularity

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