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1. Confused 10/8/2004
2. Seeing You Again 10/20/2004
3. In My Dreams 11/4/2004
4. Sad And Alone 7/11/2005
5. You And Me 7/11/2005
6. My Dear Kassy (Daughter) 2/13/2006
7. Greatest Gift 6/17/2004
8. Husband 6/17/2004
9. Loving Mother 6/17/2004
10. Love You 4/27/2011
11. Dedicated To My Wonderful One And Only Husband Jesse 4/27/2011
12. Letting Go 10/19/2015
13. Unknown 6/17/2005
14. Love Hurts 6/17/2004
15. Hope And Love 6/17/2004
16. Sisters 6/17/2004
17. Dreams Do Come True 6/17/2004
18. Special Daughter 6/17/2004


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    Angie! ! ! ! ! ! Love ur poems! ! ! ! Hey it's Crystal! ! ! Remember cleburne! ! ! email me ur number. Gracias hope u all are doin well!

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Special Daughter

You always bring me that special joy
That comes from deep inside
That every year that passes by
Your more special than before
Through every stage through every age
I love you even more.

Your a very special daughter to me
That words can describe
And I know sometimes Im so hard on you
And it hurts me to see you cry.......
I have always tried to be there for you
In every way
I'am the proudest mom by far to say.

My how the years have flown
Now look my little angel your all grown
No matter what happens
You will always be my only little girl.

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Seeing You Again

I saw you the other day, we stared at each others face
I turned the other way, because I had nothing to say
I’ve always wondered what had happened to you
It’s been several years, the last time I saw you
I loved you so much, but things just didn’t work out
I was so stupid for thinking you were the one,
I wished you the best in life, but instead you wished me the worse
But look whose married now and 'you'
still alone…..

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