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Part Of A Masterplan

Her ruby red lips now mottled with blue. The face that once mocked falls silent and still.

Her long shiny locks all matted and dank, near perfect skin drained of life shaded grey.


He sits alone, a lost soul, long since detached from society.
Welcoming the darkness to hide in its shadows.
Clinging to the fringes of sanity.
Destroyed by endless pressures he watches as the walls edge closer in,

Don'T Believe The Hype

Cruel deep scars forever shall reign, deliberately contrived actions deployed with such skill.
Lie allowing lips move freely, no shame!
Strong emotive feelings potrayed through deceit, bringing dishonour to all that you meet.
Smelling a sense of immanence this event will unfold.

Behind The Mask

This mask I wear is not to protect my own skin.
Precariously balanced above my once smile, now grim.
Lips sewn shut tight, eyes so alive, vibrant with fright.
The mask I wear rids me of pride, confidence lost, spirit has died.

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Robert Rogers 23 December 2011

I'm new at this so bare with me. Thank you for your critic. Your poem really hit home; that is exactly how I feel. (ACQUIESCENCE)

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Robert Rogers 23 December 2011

Thank you. Your poem really hit home; that is exactly how I feel. (Acquiescence)

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Random ramblings and inspired imagination by me 'Angelica St. Darke' exploring my new-found passion for writing poetry.
I love to let my mind run wild. I find writing an amazing way to relax and escape from the reality for a while.

I may appear bemused and overwhelmed at times but luckily my enthusiastic optimism drives me to be the fanatical fantasist that I am!

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