Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Animal Poems

Wicked Animal

Man is basically wicked animal
No one can see his ideas even if naked
Either before computer or before sky
He will struggle with his mind and try

Thankless Animal

Let God turn his merciful eyes
To make successful our tries
We shall always thank for mercy
From heart and shall not act dirty

A Useless Animal

Have you ever thought you are a useless animal?
You do practically nothing or exceptionally well
You are bent upon creating nonsense and virtual hell
Who will come to you for all this things to tell?

Human Being- Cunning Animal

Human being- Cunning animal
Wednesday,25th November 2020

Human beings are always indicted

Wolves- Cunning Animal

Wolves- cunning animal
Tuesday,27th April 2021

Not wolves alone

Social Animal

Some people say man is social animal
He has to act liberal and mix with people
He may be guided by some belief
As it may be providing some relief

Imagery Animal

Poets are imagery animals
Wait for thoughts arrival
Think a lot and then write
Use head more to ignite

Intelligent Animal

Intelligent animal
Monday,4th May 2020

You could have been dog, cat or rat

Fool Animal

We are surely fool animal
If can't sense the downfall's arrival
Even insects and birds sense the danger
Why should we commit something in anger?

Animal Cruelty

We are hell bent on committing animal cruelty
Thousands of unknown diseases emanate from poultry
They are culled in thousands under the pretext of containment
Have they just been remained as tools for entertainment?

Earthly Animal

It is beautiful wish
That finishes
With welfare for people
Who daily struggle

Aimless Animal

Aimless animal

Tuesday,9th October 2018

Cunning Human Animal

Cunning human animal
Sunday,6th June 2021

Even though considered intelligent

Wild & Social Animal

Wild & social animals
Sunday,10th May 2020

human beings are wild and social animals

Nervous Animal

If only for one second
We watch calm pond
There shall be thousand thoughts
That may make you to feel right

Future Animal

Future animal

Monday, April 23,2018
9: 45 PM

Animal Called Politician

I am special and unique kind of magician
I can also be called as shameless politician
I claim to have descended directly from heaven
I have full right to enjoy full facilities even

A Helpless Animal

Why are we called helpless animal?
Even though we can help and perform well
We have all type of sentiments to react
How far do we go that all depends on the act?

A Noble Animal

barking dogs always bite
no observance for day and night
they are absolutely right in their stand
they have now changed their trend

Powerless Animal

What can be life and how to make it worth?
Was it only taking birth and finally conceding to death?
What are we expected to perform after taking birth?
Live like animals, do nothing and make it unworthy

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