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I am that dream which you
have left behind since you
thought some dreams are

I didn't spin dreams before I met you;
but those proved false and illusions too.
I wondered if life has a story to share...
Something fairy-tale-like: precious and rare.

Screams of those dismantled bodies
are now resting in silence, the water of
the river has washed the blood and the
dreams of those men who declared

two birds left me clues
about life and laughter

a tiny wriggling worm

mystic or just my presence
in this world of life

once there were powers within

Will the honey bees know that I have
destroyed their hive to suck the sweet liquid?

Few would come back to see the hive gone,

I need the wind to tell me that
the meeting can never happen

I miss the wind

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Unreachable Dreams

I am that dream which you
have left behind since you
thought some dreams are

but I remained in your mind
and grew up with days and

you walked towards other
dreams and forgot about me
yet I stayed back in depths
of your essence

layers of life passed through
you and I witnessed them all

I waited for another time
when you would come back
and accept that once a dream
is conceived, it cannot die

I shall keep waiting till you
look back when perhaps your
hairs will turn silver
and new dreams will mean
nothing but shadows of your
own past

I will remain, silently floating
towards you to hold your
imagination again and be
with you forever...

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It's a long walk back to Paradise, hence no point in worrying too much about the pain and suffering of daily life. Enjoy the moment in your human skin, and build something that will linger long after you are called back.

Only if you had thought before: Time doesn't wait, it comes and goes, then you could have been on time.

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Anindita Bose Popularity

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