Ankur Beohar

Ankur Beohar Poems

1. The Eternal Pursuit 9/23/2013
2. The Arrow Of My Heart 11/5/2013
3. This Thing Called Love 11/27/2013
4. The Voyage - I 12/12/2013
5. Craving 12/24/2013
6. The Resolve 12/26/2013
7. Maximus Ii 1/9/2014
8. Twilight Of Dawn 1/3/2014
9. Sunrise! 1/27/2014
10. The Truth 1/27/2014
11. The Churning 2/6/2014
12. The Impasse 2/25/2014
13. Voyage - Iii 7/20/2014
14. Voyage - Iv 7/20/2014
15. The Predicament 7/20/2014
16. The Kindered Dawn 7/20/2014
17. The Spirit Unbound 7/20/2014
18. Footprints 9/18/2013
19. Krishna's Song 9/18/2013
20. Revelation 7/20/2014
21. The Voyage Of Fates 11/7/2014
22. The Rainbow Of Hope 12/9/2014
23. The Fallacious 3/20/2015
24. The Contradiction 3/20/2015
25. The Turmoil 1/15/2014
26. Maximus 9/19/2013
27. Mistress 9/22/2013
28. Afterwards 12/24/2015
29. What My Heart Says... 1/8/2016
30. Injunctions 7/20/2014
31. Mirror 9/18/2013
Best Poem of Ankur Beohar


I saw in the mirror
a disheveled human cast
barely recognizable
for it was clinging onto it's past

I humored myself
at what I appeared to be
there was a deep calm within my heart
even as I looked at the caricature
of reining calamity

but when deeper did I go
into my own cleaved shape
I saw lost amongst the light
my belonging to the darker shade

Yes! There was a streak
of burning of my grievous heart
My mind could deceive me
but the mirror played it's part

Why did you go?
Is this the reason for which you cleaved my life? ...

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I breathe the stale air of demise
It's the stench of death that makes me walk upright
torrid it seems to the humans alone
For beasts and me, this anathema is a state bygone.

I am Maximus, the pursuant of vital life
In the wake of my character is instilled my spirit's pride
Born to kill, I release from it's confinements the soul
It matters little if my job is what the world abhors

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