Anna Cellmer Poems

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A Kiss

I run through the rainbow
Drenching my mouth
In the pastels - tints
Of its passing,

Simple Needs

What do I need?
I need the words the most I think
I need some touch as well to live
I need a music around

I Love You

I love you
And this is so natural
I love you
And I can let you go

Come Back To Bed

I’ wish to know
Why you don’t want
To stop me at all
On this way to you

Another Touch

Seeing you from time to time
I always smile inside
We speak about nothing
It’s like a prelude

A Letter

Just be it's enough to me
And please

The End Of Love Story

This is the end
The end of this
Story of love
Which has never existed

A Puzzle

Closed in the tin of my own
I forgot about the essence of the world
Remembered in this dance
Whirling, I come in more and more deeply

Waiting Room

Is it not terrible that
In the deep of my heart
I found now
That the marriage of mine

Believe In Dreams

Do not kill dreams you believe in,
Embrace it

Even if some just have gone

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