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I run through the rainbow
Drenching my mouth
In the pastels - tints
Of its passing,

What do I need?
I need the words the most I think
I need some touch as well to live
I need a music around

I love you
And this is so natural
I love you
And I can let you go

I’ wish to know
Why you don’t want
To stop me at all
On this way to you

Seeing you from time to time
I always smile inside
We speak about nothing
It’s like a prelude

Just be it's enough to me
And please

This is the end
The end of this
Story of love
Which has never existed

Closed in the tin of my own
I forgot about the essence of the world
Remembered in this dance
Whirling, I come in more and more deeply

Is it not terrible that
In the deep of my heart
I found now
That the marriage of mine

Do not kill dreams you believe in,
Embrace it

Even if some just have gone

I don't like your silence
you know

There is nothing more stressful to me in this world
Than eating the hamburger at the train station bar
So far
It’s so big with so many things inside

I'm not in love with you
Not anymore I do
Everything I said was true but
It's just a past and now

Natural born poet you are, and I?
I’m just a woman in love sometimes
But now I’m not sure
I have anything to say to this world

You don't even know how it hurts
such words
But don't worry about
It's just because I love you

You just killed one dream
That I'd leave for you
my home
but I still can find another one

Could you touch me
And here...
And here...

Lebanon is right now
As a drowning ship
No one cares too much
What happens there

Using all the gun you have
Is not a way for peace
You will hate each other
Every day more

How it’s nice from your side
Mr. Blair that you decided
To open your door
For the Polish workers to go

Anna Cellmer Biography

Some Polish female living in the heart of the greenest region of Poland called 'The land of thousands lakes', married and mother of two beautiful boys, working at the University of Warmia and Mazury at the Real Estate Management and Regional Development Chair. Poetry is the way I use to fill my days to make them full of love, light and smiles and hidden desires :))

The Best Poem Of Anna Cellmer

A Kiss

I run through the rainbow
Drenching my mouth
In the pastels - tints
Of its passing,
Absorbing every touch of its colour
This warmth I love,
It pulsates in blood,
And I penetrate
Across its variety,
Pages of you
To become only
The small particle
Drinking from your mouth
My own soul

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Abhay Vignesh L 07 March 2011

A pleasure to read your poems.Keep writing.Flyhig in the sky of poesy

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Howard Johnson 27 October 2006

Anna Cellmer is one nice person, And she knows how to write great poetry!

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Anna Cellmer Popularity

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