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Anna Heminsley Poems

1. Dreaming About You And Me 4/3/2009
2. Heart Is Open 4/3/2009
3. I Love You 4/3/2009
4. I See Beauty In Your Smile 4/3/2009
5. I Thought 4/3/2009
6. Our Love 4/3/2009
7. I Was There 4/3/2009
8. People 4/3/2009
9. Life 4/3/2009
10. Tell Me 4/3/2009
11. How Could This Be? 4/3/2009
12. This Is What It Is 4/3/2009
13. Anything And Everything 4/3/2009
14. Lonely Soul 4/3/2009
15. Heart 9/29/2009
16. Mystery 11/1/2009
17. If Only Thoughts Could Be Real 1/16/2010
18. Give More, Take Less. 1/20/2010
19. Inside 1/22/2010
20. Fight 1/22/2010
21. Random 4/3/2009
22. Shadow 3/5/2010
23. For Now And Forever 1/8/2011
24. Begin 7/11/2011
25. When We First Set Eyes 4/3/2009
26. In The Darkness 5/6/2009
27. When I'M Not With You 4/3/2009
28. Mistake 3/3/2010
29. Feeling The Belief, That There Could Be More 5/1/2009

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Best Poem of Anna Heminsley

Feeling The Belief, That There Could Be More

Looking closer into your eyes,
Moving closer to your arms,
Trying to remove your disguise,
Liking your irresistible charms.

Feeling your warmth,
And hearing your breathing,
Seeing your passion,
And your believing.

Feeling your touch,
Upon my skin,
Wondering if this,
Is just where we begin.

Feeling the belief,
That there could be more,
Is this real,
It’s time to explore.

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Tell Me

Tell me what you're feeling,
Tell me how you feel,
Tell me if you love me,
And if we'll ever be for real.

I know I might be talking,
A load of you know what,
But if I told you I love you,
I don't know whether you'd like it or not.

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