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green spring
full of colours
refreshing showers,

frozen lips
in the dancing snow,
wilted flowers fall.

drumming sounds
hit the trunks
of the trees,
they came to be heard

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I'm a butterfly, guess which...)

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Four Seasons With Him

green spring
full of colours
refreshing showers,

roses, tulips bloom
which he picked
to fill my room

hot summer shining sun
time to splash
and have fun

burned skins, sweat all over
eating ice-cream
to get sober,
the soft sand
beneath our feet
we shared a creamy kiss

golden autumn days
at the park
children run and cry

dark winter
rainy days
hitting the sky,

rosy cheeks
freezy nose
curled in quilts
and wear coats

we stay inside
near the fire
to cuddle
and warm each other.

april 04th
2009 c

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Afzal Shauq 27 May 2010

brenda is a good poetess with rich and new ideas..what I like in her poetry is her new vision and the perception of things in depth.. she has done alot for me and translated few of my poems into sweet maltese language...all my respects for her..and pray if she never suffer from had time...afzal shauq

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