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The Four Letter Magical Word

Love happens like a pouring rainstorm in a hot summer
Love happens like hitting a jackpot
Love happens more dramatically than movies
Love can happen even in the most secluded places of Gauntanamo Bay

I Like My Friend

I like you not just because you are beautiful
You sure is so beautiful
You know it does not have to come from me as
You must have already got that from hundred of guys i am sure

Terrific Trio

Friend One

Waiting in the line
To pay a bottle of water

Dream Of A Secret Lover

Let me see your eyes from the Burj Khalifa vantage point
Let me see you from my bird's eye view at the kumbh Mela stampede
Let me look down from Jungfraujoch and find you
Let me dream both of us waiting in the long line in front of Eifel Tower

Paradise Island

ban me talking over the phone
but how you ban my visualization
as I close my eyes with my imagination
next thing I know I sit next to you

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