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Early morning changes my colour,
Weakens my magnet for you to escape into sleep
I asked the girl in the corridor if she was a
Morning bird, she smiled then floated into the

Scanitly clad women roam the floors of nighclubs, hotels;
Expose flesh on the beach, materialize the lust in men.

Your shanty sits on a hill,

above filth below will.

Clouds are my moving treasure, free, abundant, looming

as grey death or simply washing clean a slate of trials.

Noises in the night under dark cloud skies

That keep missing the moon.


I was just dreaming of you.

Resist the temptation to yell
as this expression gets under my skin;
I shudder and my soul is disturbed.

I can't yet hear the grind of the factory
I have just woken and my heart is racing
My heart is a racing fuse
Today I begin life as someone else

Your face retains the remnants of yesterday
Your clothes and dwelling all entered this passage through yesterday
Yesterday is etched in your love

The quarry
A dangerous place
Scab on the earth
An operation of take

At least tomorrow I can sleep,

ignore the rapid fury of open eyes rasping my presence.

Every morning a woman comes and hand picks her rubbish -

Gems discarded by the elite of the city.


Cream laden valleys
Antarctic canyons and elevations
Whitest milk from the greenest fields;
Impossible neutrality

A woman stands illuminated by a single light,

shivers in a capsule as the cold night bites her ankles,


Again I enter where I have never been
Through the passage and into the world I create
What I create will again conceive a different tomorrow
A want of the better, and more of the unknown

Into the night the revellers dig
Not for gems or liquid power, comfort in another mouth;

A man I met
who likes the odd drink
Told me to believe only half of what I see and
nothing of what I read

Creating a horse with the floating clouds.
Upward vision into the path of super-jets.


my stained teeth,

Anthony Dawson Biography

Factory worker. Just completed Bachelor of arts degree majoring in English and History with a minor in Sociology. Next year will study Graduate Diploma in Humanities. Married with two small children. Trade Union Delegate. Thinker. Know well the plight of low paid workers.)

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Early Morning

Early morning changes my colour,
Weakens my magnet for you to escape into sleep
I asked the girl in the corridor if she was a
Morning bird, she smiled then floated into the
Lacquered afternoon
So easy for her
Does she know of her boyfriends addiction?

The sea has tempted me from Europe
I can't abide by words; they are forever changing,
Working towards a plot for some insane script.

The funeral of a small town
Don't send flowers
Donate them to guilt
Innocence once held power
Now, not even a memory can realise the coup.

Her eyes open
The bliss of her portrait is shelved
I wish I could resolve with her the teeth that chew
My requirements.

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Anthony Dawson 25 July 2022

Just found out about your poems very good for a namesake Regards Tony Dawson

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Anton K 09 November 2015

Don't listen to Ashley Olson - you are a very fine poet.

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Ashley Olson 29 April 2005

Your poem Early Morning was interesting. It took me a couple of times to read it to understand it. However your type of writing style is just not my type. In my eyes your poem was alright.

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