Anthony Edmond John Poems

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The Love Of My Life

You breathed down on me,
For I believe the heavens smiled down on me,
Making life itself a happy field,
True to my dreams I have eaten of God's heavenly yield,

My Love Pot

Nsiribom come beat that slow rhumba for my dancing pleasure...
Yes Yes I came along with My tortoise shell to back you up...
Sisi Maybelle is here...Her waist is to be warmed..It has to end-up wet...
Nsiribom did you see her sweet smile...

Proudly African

I am Black, Am Proud,
Not slack, but Smart,
As intelligent as Any Caucasian,
Africa gave life to other continents,

Strictly For Salient Clitorix

Ranks Are This High,
Just Like Banks That Sigh,
Clouds That Overflow,
Mights That Thunder,

To The Honour Of This Page

Bleating Whisps,
Chattering Papyruses,
See as they wave their Happy hands to you and the wind,
Swerving in consortium to my Jazz and Waltz,

That Voice Of Mother Earth, A-Crying!

The world is dying,
Mother earth is crying,

A Big Welcome To Pleasure's Symposium

This thick waist has clashed with mine what shall I not satisfy,
Whose power, might and strength are we here to restore, repair or rectify,
Here is what she truly desires,
True creative energy and stealth,

Dance Of The Quail

This dance holds an unseen Force...
This dance has held my eyes in wonder for hours...
Sweeping our Hormones with skills that soar...
Victoria is swaying, My Love is Happy...

Ode To That Great Man

Oh Salient One...
These Lines salute you not because thou art a great ruler of people but it sings your praise because thou art a Great Leader of People...
As Our Comrades would put it 'Whom the Cap Fits'...
Like Da Vinchi, Like Hippocrates...

To Honour This Corn You Call Maize

I adore this corn which you call maize,
In my hand its cob I hold, My eyes dilated in paraphrase,
In my mouth its offsprings I chew,
My teeth gliding through a well arranged maze,

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