Anthony Edmond John

Anthony Edmond John Poems

1. Mild Strings Of Jazz In Writing 6/1/2008
2. The Princesses Hiv And Aids Do Speak, Listen 6/1/2008
3. The Kolanut 6/6/2008
4. Welcome To The World Of This Certain King 6/6/2008
5. The Metamorphose..Life, Like A Dream 6/10/2008
6. For The Very Taste Of Kings... 6/10/2008
7. The Very Words Your Morrow Was Just Waiting For....! ! ! 6/14/2008
8. Ode To Harlem 6/14/2008
9. The Warrior's Many Songs Yet Unsung 6/14/2008
10. My Humble Ode To This Sweet Palm Wine 6/14/2008
11. Snow White's Synergy 8/9/2008
12. Tommorrow's Energy Source 8/11/2008
13. Aha...To My Gangan And Ekpe Percussion-Land Spirit-Talks. 7/18/2008
14. Another Two Lines Or More And You Are Free To Slumber... 8/29/2008
15. Another Synched Synergy 9/1/2008
16. Aha To Honour Our Sweethearted Leria Hawkins, This Quail Didst Screech. 9/2/2008
17. Another One To Salute The Sage... 9/14/2008
18. Aha! To Honour The Sage, What Thick Waistlines Shall We Not Shake... 9/14/2008
19. Saliency Has Gathered This Much Strength 9/14/2008
20. The Shorter My Words The Sweeter 9/14/2008
21. The Sage's Ode To Lagos City, Our Megacity... 2/20/2009
22. Twice Deep..Our Passion 4/22/2009
23. Another Edge To This Bottle 4/22/2009
24. Ode From Atlantis 5/21/2012
25. Adrift 8/5/2012
26. Intense 9/19/2012
27. The Re~emergence 9/19/2012
28. Ode From These Heights That Yonder 9/19/2012
29. Cool Sunday Evenings 9/23/2012
30. Vamping On These Single Worded Chords 9/23/2012
31. Busy Writing, I Forgot About Love 9/24/2012
32. Love's Ecstacied Mill 9/24/2012
33. Thye Choice Of Drown 9/25/2012
34. These Tears Of Mother Nature 9/27/2012
35. Writing In This Spirit Of Music 9/28/2012
36. Cyclone 9/29/2012
37. The Drunk Of Strength 10/1/2012
38. The Mountain Of Light 10/6/2012
39. For Global Peace, Selah 10/8/2012
40. Strictly For The Erotic~in~mind 10/8/2012
Best Poem of Anthony Edmond John

The Love Of My Life

You breathed down on me,
For I believe the heavens smiled down on me,
Making life itself a happy field,
True to my dreams I have eaten of God's heavenly yield,
Trying to imagine life without You,
It would really mean life insane.

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Ode To That Great Man

Oh Salient One...
These Lines salute you not because thou art a great ruler of people but it sings your praise because thou art a Great Leader of People...
As Our Comrades would put it 'Whom the Cap Fits'...
Like Da Vinchi, Like Hippocrates...
To You do we etch these Salient Lines...
Lines that Honour men that dance to the drumbeat of the Spirits...
Men that see above the Alps, To Men That See Through do we Chant these Odes...
We Lift up Voices We Lift up our Waists...
My Good Friends d

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