The Love Of My Life Poem by Anthony Edmond John

The Love Of My Life

Rating: 3.9

You breathed down on me,
For I believe the heavens smiled down on me,
Making life itself a happy field,
True to my dreams I have eaten of God's heavenly yield,
Trying to imagine life without You,
It would really mean life insane.

Catherine Rica Cosico 04 July 2008

How can we survive without love? Coz of love we are here in this world Love makes our world in such peace bringing butterflies in the horizon Making oue day complete.... Nice piece, Cate

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Sarwar Chowdhury 04 July 2008

oh Nice! ...'You breathed down on me, ' well done

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Colin Jeffery 16 July 2008

I enjoyed this poem. Brillant.

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Whoa baby...I just got tingles....Concise but meaning beautiful..... <3Payyton

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Tom Balch 17 July 2008

i like this poem, meaningful

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Harriet James 07 August 2012

Beautiful outpouring of the heart - the heavens must have had something to do with it

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Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

'For I believe the heavens smiled down on me' Rachel Ann Butler

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Miriam Maia Padua 10 July 2009

very sweet..lovely thoughts on love... losing her makes you insane... great love for her is flowing here... a true love... 10++ maia

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Bele Lele 09 July 2009

Brilliant poem i really like it Great imagery

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Shutter Queen 25 July 2008

I really like this poem

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