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Who You Are

You are the jail of yourself.
You are the pain of herself.

You are the sun that shines.


Standing on the sand watching the ocean.
With each wave there's alot of secrets.
Like everyting is rewinding with echo's in slowmotion.
All the guilt..anger..shame and regrets.

Circus Of Life.

In the circus of life everyone have a role.
All kind from funny..strong and weak.
Some lame just pass by, others capture your soul.
You mingle all types u watch and seek.


I feel addicted i can't seem to stop.
I crave for more no matter what's the cost.
When i take it i feel my heart is beating fast about to pop.
Without it i feel useless, helpless i get lost.

...I Run

Rain drizzel on me & i run.
Sun shines on my skin & i run.
The clock is ticking fast on me & i run.
For days...month...maybe years & i run.

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