Rookie - 146 Points [AKK] (28/7/1988 / TAMBACH)


1. Peinaisa My Love 12/16/2014
2. Cymer My Treasure 12/17/2014
3. Betche The Glamorous One 12/18/2014
4. Tebehc Our Love Will Flourish 12/18/2014
5. Betche Said Patience 12/19/2014
6. Cymer 12/22/2014
7. Mercy I Have Cried 12/23/2014
8. Mercy Our Love Is Traversal And Colossal 12/23/2014
9. Mercy Our Covalency Remains With Buoyancy 12/29/2014
10. Mercy Its You I Chose 12/31/2014
11. Mercy My Dear 1/2/2015
12. Mercy My Queen 1/5/2015
13. Mercy Is My Biscuit 1/5/2015
14. Mercy I Say Never 1/6/2015

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Cymer My Treasure

Cymer you are my greatest treasure,
And you fill my world with gigantic pleasure,
Therefore excusing of search pressure,
For you are my source of leisure,
Your you've already given me an assure,

My love for you is beyond compare,
In your heart I need a key spare,
For I can say this without despair,
As we always in love conspire,
To be to each other an inspire,

Loving you is what I like,
In my heart you've cause a spike,
That I feel like taking you on hike,
But our area contains a serene dyke,
You leave me with immense ...

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