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i try not to think but its hard to feel
I'm living a lie and nothing seems real
you might prove me wrong but in the end
your just as fake your not my friend

a distant demon fleeing leaving footprints in the sand
running from the scene with a dagger in his hand
i chase him down the spiralling stairs deeper into hell
he turns his head and smiles at me this place he knows to well


A sea of charming faces glaring empty eyes
A lifeless illusion filed with endless lies
It’s all a blur in my mind there is no concentration
A million stars in the sky but no constellation

tossing and turning inside of my bed
with thoughts like poison inside my head

they wont let me rest or be at peace

pistol to my head
finger on the trigger
time to eat lead
for breakfast lunch and dinner

unexplored horizons, pathed with despair
you've been running forever, but gotten nowhere
this mountain's to high, to many locked doors
you're down and broken, helpless and sore

i come with daggers i come with knifes
I'm the sweetest poison draining you life
I'm stabbing your heart with a twinkle in my eye
i cant hold back even though i try

I'm in the dark lurking in my shell
no way out trapped in this hell
i cant get out i have no key
i want to shout i want to brake free

read if you must my first attempt
understand what you will and feel contempt
between the lines is where i live
you'll never get if you never give


A hall of mirrors reflecting my thoughts
the plan becoming cleerer conecting the dots
its all before me in front of my eyes
the stage is set for my grand demise

Tonight the world lays with fearful breath
as the sky turns dark with blackened death
we all stand still no one makes a sound
tonight we fall and shake the ground


if you give me a smile
I'll give you my time
give me your thoughts
and I'll give you mine

the unsung hero he steps aside

into the corners he goes to hide

I looked inside the mirror
no friend to be found
just my vision getting clearer
me singing with no sound


a blank space somewhere to write in..what should i fill it up with? ....
maybe just randoms thought...
my cat is back shes grey not black
black is the other one shes older and fat


You're a queen and I'm a pawn
, an ugly duckling and you're a swan
, i can only go forward i cant go back,
your queen is white my pawn is black,


what you've said you can't take back
the ice underneath is begining to crack

an honest mistake a missunderstanding


I'm searching for a knife
something that's sharp
to cut into the light
to slash at the dark


She sits and sighs with tears in her eyes
She feels no joy she was living a lie
Now that lie is gone the truth hurts more
Her heart is broken her chest is sore

music in the night not a soul to be found
whispers in the light no control in the sound
echos of the past screams in the streets
nothing you can grasp my dreams at my feet

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Hi heres the deal, im not a poet im not trying to get attention i know my poems suck but i just thought it would be fun to post them all in here if you like them then thank you and if you dont then dont hesitate to let me know! ! ! also..ummm i dunno what else should i post in here? ? ? ? ? ? blank.)

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Im Not Here

i try not to think but its hard to feel
I'm living a lie and nothing seems real
you might prove me wrong but in the end
your just as fake your not my friend
you cant hold my key to enter my vaults
cuz nothings for free but its not your fault
i don't need your lies Ive got my own
I'm just a disguise and my heart is stone
I'm not really here but i cant get away
it makes no difference cuz I'm here to stay
but if i ever leave would you come with me?
would you forget all you know and want to be free?
i know you don't cuz your truth is so sweet
a beautiful monster you cannot defeat
now that monster is you and you don't even know
that your one with the mob and its starting to show
were marching along side by side
in this endless parade that's dead inside
the only difference now between you and me
is your love for your chains and my wish to be free

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