Anthony Spiros Mcgilvra

Anthony Spiros Mcgilvra Poems

1. Im Not Here 11/21/2009
2. Knife 11/21/2009
3. Cry 11/21/2009
4. Music In The Dark 11/21/2009
5. Alone 11/21/2009
6. Jokers Mask 11/21/2009
7. Farewell 11/21/2009
8. Shattered Esence 11/23/2009
9. Bored 11/23/2009
10. Pawn 11/23/2009
11. Fall 11/23/2009
12. Twist 11/23/2009
13. Noise To The Crowd Music To The Sleepless 11/23/2009
14. Fool 11/23/2009
15. Tonight 11/27/2009
16. Mental Chains 11/23/2009
17. My Monster 11/21/2009
18. Sleepless Nights 11/23/2009
19. Dream Chaser 11/23/2009
20. Future Unknown 11/23/2009

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Sleepless Nights

tossing and turning inside of my bed
with thoughts like poison inside my head

they wont let me rest or be at peace
there eating me whole and wont let me sleep

i want to shut down and clear my mind
i need to leave i need to unwind

the room is quite but my soul is screaming
its crying for help it needs to be dreaming

my eyes are closed but I'm wide awake
my spirit is bending soon it will brake

my body is tired but won't lie still
all i have is frustration and time to kill

every second I'm awake is waisted and lost
when will i win ...

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Im Not Here

i try not to think but its hard to feel
I'm living a lie and nothing seems real
you might prove me wrong but in the end
your just as fake your not my friend
you cant hold my key to enter my vaults
cuz nothings for free but its not your fault
i don't need your lies Ive got my own
I'm just a disguise and my heart is stone
I'm not really here but i cant get away

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