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One Windy Day

When wind blows I pretend to swim
Through fluffy waves of air
That wash over my blushing cheeks
And toss my tangled hair

To A Cloudy Day

Formless realm of my spirit eternal
Why dost keep forever in thy palm
Such a wealth of golden rays diurnal
Robbing me of nature's richest balm?

The Curtains

In the grey of the afternoon
Whimsical breeze tortures the gossamer curtains
Sucked in, they clutch at the window
Then exhale violently the next breath of breeze

My Bomb

Inside my stomach there's a time bomb
Throwing off my heartbeat with its
Tick tick tick tick tick

Quoth The Maiden To The Head Of Lettuce

The crownèd prince of vegetables
So proud and elegant
You show no fear as I approach
So young and innocent

April Lane Quotes

27 December 2015

Let all that strive for the ideal not toil in vain

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