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Beautiful Stranger

Beyond far undiscovered stars lives a beautiful stranger
Appointed to guard me throughout my lifetime from birth.
Flying across the universe, he's not afraid of danger
Of meeting the demons before landing down on Earth.

My Favorite Inside Source (To Kurt Cobain)

Under the bridge where a mountain stream flows
We go fishing for our favorite numb aqua pets.
They don't bite at bait, but it don't make no never mind.
Thin starving crows are flying low in the blue.

Seeing Stars

You have a nightmare about being locked up in a castle
Where low basement walls are shrouded in cobwebs.
Standing before a hidden door, you're too scared to unlock it:
What's waiting inside? A ghost, a werewolf, or a goombah?

On The Inside (To Evan Dando)

This is the place where I lose face
This is the dark where watchdogs bark
This is my man who makes a game plan
This is my buy before I curl up and die.

Baby I'M Bored (To Evan Dando)

I have never been a space cadet,
Been always high on my childhood dreams.
We take delight in watching the birds fly:
They ain't caged in haunting memories like we are.

Every Good Girl Deserves Love (To Valerie)

You see a gloomy ghost that rings a bell.
Its maiden name has slipped your memory,
Though you wonder if it is a creature from hell.
It speaks softly to you, ''Remember me, Valerie?

Secret Confession Of An Offbeat Mind

You have been knocking loudly on Death's door:
He's either deaf or gone on a long vacation.
You peep at his eery realm thru a keyhole and ain't sure
If it's a flashback again or a shard of your imagination:

Doing A Fade

Do a line, do a fade, and then walk a line!
You, a lonely traveler in the infinite night
Waiting for the frigid stars to give you the high sign.
If not, then you're gonna pop a black and white.

Hijo De La Muerte

Scared stiff, before the black tunnel you stood
When somebody took your hand and led you inside.
''It has happened, '' you heard, ''You are now worm-food.
I am your final pilot to take you to the other side.


You are a flashlight shining on my bean on a starless night.
You are the faith making me keep cool before it is too late.
You are the hope when I'm banned from wishing and hear, ''No soap.''
You are the love that will always be there if push comes to shove.

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