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I wonder what compelled you to take the Dutch act?
An O.D. on number three, thirteen or eight?
A suicidal soul gets no access to heaven, yet it's intact.
How come you really blew it by the kiss of death?

There's primal fear like a fetus blinded by daylight
There's lingering fear like a zit growing on your nose
There's groundless fear like a dark day covered by a clear night
There's inarticulate fear like a little fish wolfed down by a shark

As she wrapped her car around a tree
A weird thought ran through her mind:
'If I'm feeling no pain, then my soul is free
I'll have to part with the daily grind''

You come to me in my dreams time after time
Very much alive, it seems unbelievable
We're home like before, and I take care of you
But terribly afraid that you will leave me

A bleeding hole
A breeding horse
A junkie shot
A guitar chord

Out of space, out of sight, out of end,
Spaced out, sightless, endless, nameless.
Queen of lies with a pack of hearts, aimless.
Conservative communists are on the mend.

Unforeseen calmness, your battered body is freezing,
Like a startled newborn, you are confused and helpless.
You don't know what you are, your senses are missing,
Earth lights are swiftly fading away into total darkness.

Not always creepy, he's bad news,
Some mistake him for a friend in need,
Knowing exactly whom he has to choose
And into his eerie kingdom lead.

I met with a little boy in the cemetery
Who was kneeling at a grave and weeping
When he said his folks had died, I was dreadfully sorry
He didn't think they were now in safe keeping

You said, ''Let's go eat magic mushrooms
Life's no more exciting, and the visions are''
They were delicious but at first didn't ring the bell
And then we went to ride on the roller coaster

I woke up on a weird planet where
Everything was upside down
I was walking on clouds, and the sky
Was replaced by a gunmetal sea

Trying to keep one jump ahead out of the devil's own time,
I sacrificed my only love to the speechless gods.
My heart ached from devastation, shattered into shards.
I was up my neck in a swamp, wanting out of slime.

Dreaming aloud throughout a sleepless night
You ain't no sightless, yet fail to dive into your self
Bare emotions are facing subconscious delight
When cryptic wishes fade out, being put on the shelf

Inside you beats an Arcturian heart:
It's kind and warm, both tender, and stout.
Your mind is advanced for a flying start.
You are incapable to sell someone out.

Eric recalled seeing them after a UFO sighting
They had artificial features, looking like clones of each other
Black suits and thick soled black shoes were their clothing
Talking in gibberish and making no sense, one of them said

In my dream I found myself
In a maze of a house
With 100 doors.
The key to the front door

Like Ged, the wizard of Earthsea, I'm hunted by a shadow
It's one of the Powers of unlife, and got no name
To work macabre evil through me is its immediate aim
I'm feeling shattered, all my energy-out the window

Meeting you was the promising start
I happened to say goodbye to my past
The sweetest night for me was the last
Hope we can stay good friends at heart

He was shivering, and there was blood on his wings
I asked him if he was hurt, and how I could help
The angel said, ''The demons vanished like smoke rings
It's not my blood; they flew back to hell, giving a yelp

I was the only passenger on the unmanned flight
Thought I would freak and die before the plane crashed
Into a chain of snowy mountains below it nearly smashed
When I was puzzled to see an outer weird light

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Angels And Demons (To Kurt Cobain) From Book: Angeles Rebeldes Y Demonios Extranjeros

I wonder what compelled you to take the Dutch act?
An O.D. on number three, thirteen or eight?
A suicidal soul gets no access to heaven, yet it's intact.
How come you really blew it by the kiss of death?
Even if sound travels slower than light,
Music can deeply penetrate into the galaxy.
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT will put down the eternal night.
What kind of jury found us guilty of heterodoxy?
I don't subscribe to the view that demons write a tune:
They're knee-deep in own humdrum infernal chores.
It's only angels who are to misery and pain immune
Stand guards over immortal souls at Valhalla's doors.

Aram Stefanian Comments

Herbert Nehrlich1 12 February 2005

While I won't join the previous correspondent in his praise of your talent (I find it rather moderate) I do agree that you need to find another outlet for your work. This site is not for people who flaunt their stuff and crowd out others. H

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Michael Shepherd 12 February 2005

Hey Aram, don't knock all the rest of us off the window with your undoubted talent..I'd rather read one poem from you carefully each day than scroll through so many without I guess would others. Best wishes.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 January 2022

You have written so many good excellent poems, WHY do you stop now? Please, continue writing, Thank you so much Aram. Best wishes from Sylvia Frances Chan (Nederland)

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 16 February 2005

well, i'll tell you Aram: the ability to put two lines together and make them rhyme does not a poet make you. then again, you're already strides ahead of most of the posters to this site. you've got your roots. grow from them.

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Michael Witkowski 12 February 2005

After a brief indigestion thanks to your poems, i have changed my mind as to your poetry- it is revolting, unimaginative, sex-obsessed, contains too many swear words but too little quality. Your lines have always a broken rhythm- seem more like a sequence of cunning cool cut cliched phrases strung together that are meant to shock & disgust.

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Michael Witkowski 12 February 2005

Hello Aram, I am sorry to note that you are flooding this site with your creations. I appreciate them, however i would like to see fresh poems by other persons too. You crowd out all that's not yours.

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Graham Leese 12 February 2005

Your poems are hedonistic lucid dreams, and paint the most potent pictures. I am glad you post in bulk as i wouldnt want to miss your talent, from now on i'm an avid reader of your work. Warmly, Graham

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