Aram Stefanian Poems

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I wonder what compelled you to take the Dutch act?
An O.D. on number three, thirteen or eight?
A suicidal soul gets no access to heaven, yet it's intact.
How come you really blew it by the kiss of death?

An Encyclopedia Of Fear (To Ron Oliver)

There's primal fear like a fetus blinded by daylight
There's lingering fear like a zit growing on your nose
There's groundless fear like a dark day covered by a clear night
There's inarticulate fear like a little fish wolfed down by a shark

Joyride 2

As she wrapped her car around a tree
A weird thought ran through her mind:
'If I'm feeling no pain, then my soul is free
I'll have to part with the daily grind''

For My Mother

You come to me in my dreams time after time
Very much alive, it seems unbelievable
We're home like before, and I take care of you
But terribly afraid that you will leave me

Teen Spirit (For Kurt Cobain)

A bleeding hole
A breeding horse
A junkie shot
A guitar chord

With The Lights Out (To Kurt Cobain)

Out of space, out of sight, out of end,
Spaced out, sightless, endless, nameless.
Queen of lies with a pack of hearts, aimless.
Conservative communists are on the mend.

Verse From The Other Side

Unforeseen calmness, your battered body is freezing,
Like a startled newborn, you are confused and helpless.
You don't know what you are, your senses are missing,
Earth lights are swiftly fading away into total darkness.

The Angel Of Death

Not always creepy, he's bad news,
Some mistake him for a friend in need,
Knowing exactly whom he has to choose
And into his eerie kingdom lead.


I met with a little boy in the cemetery
Who was kneeling at a grave and weeping
When he said his folks had died, I was dreadfully sorry
He didn't think they were now in safe keeping

Magic Mushrooms

You said, ''Let's go eat magic mushrooms
Life's no more exciting, and the visions are''
They were delicious but at first didn't ring the bell
And then we went to ride on the roller coaster

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