Aram Stefanian Poems

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The Sign 4

When Tor went down to earth, he was amazed to see
The people worship the beast that had a wound of a sword
From which spurted black blood, and Tor recalled the prophecy-
The infamous name and the number of the beast did accord

Una Vida Sin Amor

Your favorite angel has spent all of his arrows-
Love no longer makes you thrill, it's dead and gone.
In your footsteps blind fate desperately follows,
Blotting out a memory of your cherished onliest one.


Death placed you in his ebony citadel of nullity;
No ray of sunshine can penetrate a stygian void.
Neither alive nor dead, you're choking with ferocity,
A grudge against merciless fate turns you into a paranoid.

Back To Earth

I live in a world of fantasy that does not exist;
Where time has stopped, and the grim reaper is no skipper.
The dwellers from the faraway stars are on the guest list,
The mountains are higher here, and the oceans deeper.

My Beloved Angel

My beloved angel can never tune me out-
He is the one who helps me reach to God.
That he cannot leave me in the pits I have no doubt
And hope that for heaven I could get the nod.

Elm Street Revisited

You are too freaked out to get some shut-eye;
The same recurring dream scares the hell out of you.
The haunted house on Elm street where the bad guy
Holds a bitter grudge against your truelove Mary Lou.

Burnt Out

You fall out and plunge into a ruby gaping abyss
Teeming with creepy ogres that fight for your soul.
And suddenly you see a ringer for your younger sis
Who says, ''Give me five. I'll get you out of the black hole.''


Here I am, a long-distance escapee from Nirvana.
I swapped the garden of Eden for the planet Earth.
Yesterdays have slipped my memory, and I got no manana.
I'm not even positive if I will be granted a following birth.

From Death To Rebirth

You're standing outside of your body, blithe and painless,
Wondering if you just died, and where you gonna make for.
Diving into a deep tunnel, you're unafraid of darkness.
In the end you meet the whitest Light you've never seen before.


Before buying the big one, Julio had a weird dream
He stood at the edge of a fiery crater, and it was pretty scary
Beside himself with unspeakable horror, he was unable to scream
''Make a wish! '' he heard a deep voice in the upper story