Artan Gjyzel Hasani

Artan Gjyzel Hasani Poems

1. Caustic Love 6/26/2012
2. The Alibis 6/26/2012
3. Sand And Fire 6/26/2012
4. Vapoury 6/26/2012
5. The Hands 6/26/2012
6. Our Children And Us 6/26/2012
7. The Parents 6/26/2012
Best Poem of Artan Gjyzel Hasani

The Alibis

the mountain is the highlander's alibi when he pretends to be strong

the rain - the alibi of the soil when it turns into muddy dirt

the bedroom is the alibi of those who play the spouses

this shitty world- my alibi of being shit

the frost is the alibi of the flower that never knew how to bloom

the fall-the alibi of leaves that were born withered

the sperm is the masculine alibi of being a man

the tears - the alibi of the shriveled cheeks

the wind is the alibi of the clouds that never know where to ...

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