Arthur Henry Adams

(6 December 1872 – 4 March 1936 / Lawrence / New Zealand)

Arthur Henry Adams Poems

1. Love Motives 4/26/2012
2. Lament 4/26/2012
3. A Portrait 4/26/2012
4. Blossom Of Life 4/26/2012
5. The Goal 4/26/2012
6. Just A Woman 4/26/2012
7. Lullaby 4/26/2012
8. My Love 4/26/2012
9. My Land 4/26/2012
10. The Stars 4/26/2012
11. The Girl At The Harp 4/26/2012
12. The Four Queens (Maoriland) 4/26/2012
13. Antagonists 4/26/2012
14. Morning Peace 4/26/2012
15. Fancies 4/26/2012
16. The Parade 4/26/2012
17. The Sculptor 4/26/2012
18. The Ebb Of Day 4/26/2012
19. King Street 4/26/2012
20. A Child 4/26/2012
21. The Tui 4/26/2012
22. A Song Of Failure 4/26/2012
23. Bereft 4/26/2012
24. To One Slain In Absence 4/26/2012
25. The Anarchist 4/26/2012
26. A Question 4/26/2012
27. The Garden Of The Sea 4/26/2012
28. In Hyde Park 4/26/2012
29. The Reaper 4/26/2012
30. To My Love 4/26/2012
31. The Poet To Be Yet 4/26/2012
32. Man And Woman 4/26/2012
33. Sydney Nocturnes 4/26/2012
34. Sunset 4/26/2012
35. The World Has Grown So Grey 4/26/2012
36. Satana 4/26/2012
37. Afterwards 4/26/2012
38. The Coming Of The Rauparaha 4/26/2012
39. Maoriland 4/26/2012
40. Epitaph 4/26/2012

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  • Mohammed Asim Nehal (3/30/2019 2:39:00 AM)

    Wonderful poet, some of his poems are outstanding...

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  • Tapan M. Saren Tapan M. Saren (11/1/2016 9:46:00 AM)

    Good poet. Like his poems..

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Best Poem of Arthur Henry Adams


In her grey majesty of ancient stone
She queens it proudly, though the sun's caress
Her piteous cheeks, ravished of bloom, confess,
And her dark eyes his bridegroom glance have know.
Robed in her flowing parks, serene, alone,
She fronts the east; and with the tropic stress
Her smooth brow ripples into weariness;
Yet hers the sea for footstool, and for throne
A continent predestined. Round her trails
The turbid squalor of her streets, and dim
Into the dark heat-haze her domes flow up;
Her long lean fingers, with their grey-old nails,
Giving her ...

Read the full of Sydney

Fleet Street

BENEATH this narrow jostling street,
Unruffled by the noise of feet,
Like a slow organ-note I hear
The pulses of the great world beat.

Unseen beneath the city’s show
Through this aorta ever flow
The currents of the universe—
A thousand pulses throbbing low!

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