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Aruni Kashyap (Assamese: আৰুণি কাশ্যপ) is an Indian English writer and translator.

He grew up in Guwahati and studied at St. Stephen's College, Delhi.

He works as the Assistant Editor of Yaatra : The Journal of Assamese Literature and Culture. An excerpt from his forthcoming novel set against the secret-killings of Assam was published in Te ...

Aruni Kashyap Poems

The House With A Thousand Novels

This is a house, L-shaped,
seven-hands high; soil-veranda—
with twenty-one novels in it.

Where The Sun Rises

If you come back,
There will be no sun,
like the day when we met for the last time in your room.


I have known this river like tea leaves.
I have bathed, ran on its wet sands.
Grappled in its shallow banks for fishes and caught tadpoles.


There was no sun. So goats didn't bleat
and rush under trees, sheds; the stray dogs
that roamed around quarrelling over pieces
of meat in garbage dumps hotfooted to


Trees moved along, clouds too
with the moon, the about-to-drown orange-sun
in sooty hours, slow;
they boiled down to a single feeling:

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