Ashleigh Michaud

Ashleigh Michaud Poems

1. Emu And The Kangaroo 4/15/2009
2. The Protector 4/16/2009
3. It's Your Best Friend 11/20/2009
4. Nonsense 12/3/2009
5. Goblet Of Fire Part 1 12/3/2009
6. Adeline 7/9/2010
7. Pretty Poem Para Patrick 8/7/2012
8. Memories 9/25/2013
9. Truth 10/17/2013
10. Joyeux St Valentine 8/6/2012
11. Goblet Of Fire Part 2 12/3/2009
12. Giraffe And The Hippo 4/15/2009
13. Loving From Afar 4/16/2009
14. Memere's Comforter 4/21/2009
15. Vast Love 4/16/2009
16. The Delight Song Of Ashleigh Michaud 4/16/2009
17. Definition Of Life (In My Eyes) 4/30/2009
18. Captain Randomosity 4/15/2009
19. *vampires* 4/28/2009
Best Poem of Ashleigh Michaud


velvety-soft voices piercing through your skin
atrocious smiles from ear to ear as they pursue you
miracle workers in their supernatural magicks
pleasure to the human senses
intoxicating aromas surround you as they lean in
retreating away from your smell so you don't die
everlasting in love; eternity they shall be yours

boys are whatever
vampires are forever

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Captain Randomosity

She flies by in her pink cape
Her golden locks flowing behind
Ready to take on the bad guys once again
She rolls over on her back in air,
Then she wiggles her nose:
A flash and a bang occurs
She grins ear to ear- then
She flew into a
Thirty-foot tall tree.
Well, so much for that super hero

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