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I held you when you were born
I carried you when you cried
I gave you your first bath
I watch you sleep

We were born together 19 yrs ago
We laughed and played for 7 yrs
We had the time of our lives
We loved each other

You are now my true love
You are named after my sister
I wish she could see you

A brother is a person that protects you
They want revenge on the guy that broke your heart
They start to cry when they see you cry
They love you no matter what you do

You ripped my heart out
You ripped into many pieces
What you dont know someone repared it
He was there for me when i had craving

I remember like yesterday
You were my one and only
You loved me in and out
You loved my body

My sister
I think of you everyday
I wonder what you would do
What you would say


When the rain falls
I play in it
I feel every dropp of it on my body
I look at him and kiss him


At the starting line
Jumping in
I break the water
It slides over my body

I wish I could move on
I think I can some days, then I cant
Some things I wish never happend
That I never moved

I feel him touch me
His touch is passionate
When his body touches mine I feel relief
He moves up and down


Sitting in a small room
I feel afraid, everything is coming closer
Will I ever get out?
Will I see my family ever agian?

I wake in the morning and look out the window
Fresh snow had fallen in my sleep
I look at the trees to see the snow fall from the branches
Winter looked back at me like it was calling me

I can't wait for...
You to love me
You to marry me
You to say I love you

In my dream I am running
I keep running, I look behind me and nothing is there
I wonder why I keep running, I try to stop
When I try to stop I start to run faster and faster

When your were born you cried
You looked at me and felt comfort
I looked in your eyes and thought you were beautiful
I held you close to me to keep you warm

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Hello everyone! My name is Ashley. I am from New York City! I love the city! I was born with a identical twin sister named Jessica. When we were 7 she was diagnoised with Luekimia and died at 12: 17 on our 8th birthday. As I got older my parents moved me and my brothers from state to state because my mother was so upset about my sister dying she wanted to be as far away from here as possible. So then we ended up in Stockton, CA. Where I lived from the age of 10 to 15 when i decied that i was going to go and move in with my Grandmother back here and have been here ever since. When i moved back here i fell in love with a guy named James and ten months ago i got pregnant with my beautiful daughter Jessica thats when he decided that he didnt want to stay with me even though we loved each other he didnt want to be a father yet. We were together for 3 1/2 years. O well he doesnt know what he is missing. Now i am going to school at NYU.)

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Am I Doing Enough?

I held you when you were born
I carried you when you cried
I gave you your first bath
I watch you sleep
I see you look around
I wonder what you think of this world
I try to make you happy
But i wonder if I am doing enough

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Ashley Horstman Popularity

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