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Sometimes I wonder
Where are you now?

I was so happy when you smiled
The warmth in my heart returned again
A beam of sunlight danced across your eyes
And filled my worn soul with renewed hope

Why are some things so hard to be said?

Days go by as I stare out my window
A single snowflake falls

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Memory For You

Sometimes I wonder
Where are you now?
So far from this world,
Yet still you remain.
Beyond what my eyes can see
I know you have been here all along.
If not, the sunlight would not reflect in my eyes,
Warm breezes would never reach me,
My tears would hold no meaning.

Look at you there
Holding his arm the way it should be,
Love shining clearly through your lively smile;
As real and precious as this azure sky.

Beside me a small flower wavers gently on the wind,
It’s petals the purest of angelic white.
So beautiful and fragile
But I dare not pluck it from it’s roots.
If I were to hold that life in the palms of my hands
The wind would whisk it off into another world,
Another place, another time.
A place where the wind would never take me
To find the life of that flower again.

Tell me,
If I were the rain
That bound the earth and the sky
Would I be able to reach you?
Or would I only fall,
Down to the awaiting roses
Where the tears of angels
Glisten on those perfect crimson petals
In the early morning sunbeams.

A sweet memory, crinkled at the edges.
I know that you exist within this old paper,
But your spirit does not end there.
You are the scattered beams of light
Raining down over me through those tree branches.
The soothing spring breeze
That softly drifts across my face and hair.
That perfect ceramic angel you left for me.
You remember, don’t you?
The one in my room beside the hummingbird wind chimes
With the sapphire eyes, and pastel pink feathery wings.
Mother had said that you wanted me to keep it for you.
I wish you could have seen my smile at her words.

Still your life does not end in the angel’s eyes.
My oldest friend from that carefree time,
The bear with the chocolate brown eyes,
Such a precious gift you had given me
For all those times comfort was needed
When the night was just to dark.

The empty words that my sister says
All out loud for my ears to hear.
Your memory has drifted from her mind.
Yes, she was to young to remember,
But her words still sting like needles and pins.
Despite what she cant recall,
I know that you are here.

Because if you were not,
Soft sobs would not emit from my breath.
Light couldn’t reflect off of the tears that cling to my eyes.
A sad smile would have vanished from my lips long ago.
Poppop would stand alone in this tear stained photograph.
And the fallen rain drops
Hanging from the rose’s silky red pedals
Could never gleam as brightly
With each new morning.

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David N. Degnan 18 November 2007

Hey, wheres the new poems? The ones you have are awesome, I'm sure the rest of poemhunter would love to see what else you got! See ya around, Ash! -Oni

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