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One day I fell in Love
It was like happiness
Emerging from my soul
So, it was like angel wings

i am lost without you
i can't do anything when your gone
i lost with your soul and beautiful beauty
i am lost without you

sometimes i wish you were here with me
sometimes i was there with you
sometimes i wish that were not apart
sometimes i wish that we have a friendship that will not end

I walk into a big place
I see the bright sky
I was walking
The sun was coming out from the sky

Went when inside my brain,
But just like that,
went back out to the air
You still will be in my memory

i remember when i first saw your face
i remember when first talked

i remember when we first talked on the phone

You and me
We can escape and leave our bags in the town
We can see the world come down
We can’t leave a trace in town

Summer was the time when spending with family
It was like beginning of happiness and smiles
Like the like of the sun coming down and the wind blows to our faces
It was one of the best times that we ever had

Waiting for the world to change
Waiting to see the different in the world
Waiting for the same people to stay the same
Waiting for everyone to see the world

i miss you 
i miss talking to you on the phone for hours 
that we have to talked since a all time 
i miss the way you laugh

there was a an old years
with a lot of memories
and some time with can be all smiling, depressed, angry
we can make a new year of 2010


Seen you have been apart of me
It was all about joy
And good memories
But when you left

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I am ashmita kamlesh. i am a 17 year old. i am in high school. i like writing poems and my poems are about real life :) I have been writing 17 poems because i think it is really fun and good for me and i want to show people that i can write poems. :) i love writing poems and i can't stop writing....there is nothing i can say about it.)

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One Day

One day I fell in Love
It was like happiness
Emerging from my soul
So, it was like angel wings
It was heaven
Out of the blue
So bright like light
I fly to a land
I meet my lover
We went out to see the blue sea
One day I fell in love
It was a like flower
Spreading out on mountains
Walking on the mountain with my lover holding hands
It was unbelievable
Then one day,
I fell in love

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