Asif Andalib

Rookie (27 November 1967 / Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh)

Asif Andalib Poems

361. I Need A Wife Yeah 11/4/2012
362. I Need Your Love 9/21/2011
363. I Spend My Days Like Cinderella 9/15/2012
364. I Want A Deer Of Gold - Original By Rabindranath Tagore 4/30/2012
365. I Want More And More 11/1/2012
366. I Want To Be Your Dream-Boy 5/27/2012
367. I Want To Love You Nonstop 10/6/2011
368. I Want You Baby 10/30/2012
369. I Will Be With You Always 10/31/2012
370. I Will Call You Heaven 11/28/2012
371. I Will Love You Forever 12/13/2011
372. I Will Never Forget You 8/2/2011
373. If I Could 10/7/2011
374. If I Could Fly Like A Dove 5/25/2012
375. If I Could Know - Original By Rabindranath Tagore 2/10/2012
376. If I Could Play A Flute Like Krishna 10/16/2011
377. If I Were A Bird 10/13/2012
378. If I Were God 10/13/2011
379. If You Knew 9/24/2008
380. If You Marry Me 10/31/2012
381. If You Were Mine 10/17/2011
382. If You Were My Wife 10/30/2011
383. Import And Export 9/15/2011
384. In God’s Light 10/14/2011
385. In Love And Hate 2/6/2012
386. In My Heart 9/26/2011
387. In Romantic Channel Of Thought 9/28/2008
388. In The Sea Of Tears 9/5/2011
389. Inanimate Objects 10/31/2008
390. Ink Of Love 9/9/2012
391. Interest Rate 9/17/2011
392. Is It Love Or Something Else? 10/1/2012
393. Is It Too Late? 5/13/2012
394. Islamic Tax 9/16/2011
395. It Will Never Be The Same 9/9/2012
396. Itch Of Sex 10/29/2012
397. It's So Hard To Bear With The Pain Original By Rabindranath Tagore 8/26/2012
398. Jaan 2/18/2011
399. Jasimuddin 8/1/2011
400. Jerusalem 9/15/2011
Best Poem of Asif Andalib

Karma Theory Of Islam

God has written down in brief
Our endless life story
That is being played
On the seven-storied stage of sky!
At the same time it’s also true:
We are the architects
Of our own future
Cause we get result of what we do!

However we’ll have the final result
Of our actions on the Day of Resurrection!

God acts according to plans
We should also plan our future
And try to make it happen.

Even God does not know everything
In absolute detail
And He doesn’t need to know it.
It is an endless story
Even God forgets some ...

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Human Rights

If you were a child of a beggar
You would understand better what is human right.

It is normal to exist rich and poor people
Cause they are not equal from point of view of quality
But huge gap between the rich and the poor
Is the seed of hostility.

Please try to understand how a person feels

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