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God has written down in brief
Our endless life story
That is being played
On the seven-storied stage of sky!

Baby my life is like a bed of thorn
If I had a choice I would not be born.

Oh my love is like a bad heartache

I have cut off at least a thousand heads of Hydra
But I am still fighting with it
I wish I were Hercules

I am in love with you right from the start
Flood of love has inundated my heart!

No more war, please
Please no more war
No more bloodthirsty leader, please
Please no more bloodthirsty leader

Good are the things
That are proved to be helpful
Bad are the things
That are proved to be harmful

If you look at something
From all points of view
You will know the truth
About the thing.

Plants, insects and animals
Are many times more intelligent
Than most of the people think!

So many false hopes like the stars of a moonless night
Show me the way to survive in this dreary life
I bury so many dreams like a grave digger
And give birth to new ones like a queen bee

Can a good person give his lover grief
If he himself possesses all the powers?
Can a good person make his lover mortal
If he himself is immortal?

O love love love love love love love
Makes me so glad baby makes me so sad
O love love love love love love love
Makes me so good baby makes me so bad

Tonight it's just you and me
Give in my heart ecstasy

Tonight my dreams will come true
In my arms I will hold you

Write my name in your heart with ink of love
Make your mind a mosque when my life turns tough

Keep my videos in your brain's hard disk

Alas! There’s no one better than God
And He is cruel somewhat
God feels lonely
Although He has so many friends

Why things are created?
What is God’s purpose?
Once upon a time only God existed.
If all creations extinct in God it will make no difference.

God’s body is the most important
And beautiful part of God
God’s body is like God’s face
Including head and neck.

Open your heart's door baby
Read my mind recognize me
Please don't say no; let it be
You won't regret I am he

Never felt inside so much love before
Never seen such a pretty girl for sure
Baby I want to love you more and more
Never felt inside so much love before

I spend my days like Cinderella
I want a prince of America
I love to dance like Cinderella
I want to live in America

The Muslim terrorists are now across the earth
They want peace prosperity happiness and mirth
Their goal is good but path is wrong
In the misled group they belong

Asif Andalib Biography

I was born on 27 November in 1967 at Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur of Bangladesh. I write poems and lyrics both in English and Bengali. I prefer Free Verse, Rhyme, Mono Rhyme and Haiku to other forms of poetry. I was literature editor of a cultural organization “Oniketh” (which means Homeless) . Later I served as its general secretary. I worked in a private company “Macro International Limited” situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh as business coordinator for more than a decade. Now I spend most of times writing poetry. Sometimes I emphasize on the message, not on the structure, meter and rhythm of the poems. I write poems especially to deliver messages be it like a thesis. I write not for myself but for the readers.)

The Best Poem Of Asif Andalib

Karma Theory Of Islam

God has written down in brief
Our endless life story
That is being played
On the seven-storied stage of sky!
At the same time it's also true:
We are the architects
Of our own future
Cause we get result of what we do!

However we'll have the final result
Of our actions on the Day of Resurrection!

God acts according to plans
We should also plan our future
And try to make it happen.

Even God does not know everything
In absolute detail
And He doesn't need to know it.
It is an endless story
Even God forgets some things
After zillions and zillions of years
That's one of the reasons
Why God has written down every important matter
Be it big or small on Laohay Mahfuz.
Therefore we should also read and write
To preserve and spread our wisdom.

There are seventy thousand paths
That lead to paradise
For example
Path of Belief
Path of Truthfulness
Path of Remembrance of God
Path of Charity
Path of Salat
Path of Fasting
Path of Tax
Path of Hajj
And so on.
All the aforesaid paths are straight paths
That leads to respective gates of paradise!
In fact Pool Sirat has seventy thousand levels
All end at the respective gates of paradise!
The Gate of Faith of paradise is the biggest
And it is the must have access to paradise.

For a hassle-free journey to paradise
One needs to go through at least
The following paths
Path of Belief
Path of Patience
Path of Preaching of the Truth
And path of any other good work

If you are a firm believer
You will be able to go to paradise
Through the Gate of Belief
If you are a truthful person
You will be able to go to paradise
Through the Gate of Truthfulness
And so forth

So you see it's very easy to go to paradise
But it's very difficult
To be very prestigious
In the eyes of God.

N.B. -Laohay Mahfuz is God's Notebook and Pool Sirat is bridges of light that will connect the field of Judgment Day and paradise between them will be hell.

Asif Andalib Comments

Stocker Wood 05 April 2011

reading it really makes me think of allah, thank you for that.. nice one

9 5 Reply
James Mullaney 04 October 2011

Asif Andalib is a witty, sometimes sardonic poet who makes insightful observations about the world and hammers them into sturdy, accessible verses that are a pleasure to read.

6 6 Reply
p.a. noushad 06 January 2009

very beautiful nerration

4 6 Reply
Wahab Abdul 17 December 2011

he is a very good poet

3 6 Reply
Pratibha Rajput 24 January 2012

beautiful poems...short, simple n romantic..

2 7 Reply
Jacqueline Ellison 15 March 2018

Amazing.... I love it! ! !

1 1 Reply
Rajnish Manga 11 March 2018

Welcome back, Asif Andalib. It is such a pleasure to have you back after five long years. Hope everything is fine there. I hail you as one of the finest poets at PH. Wishing you all the best.

1 0 Reply
Harshal Joshi 25 February 2013

i think you are a real genius at poems and most importantly rhymes keep it up my friend

4 4 Reply
Derek J. Brandt 14 December 2012

Great work, Asif. You have alot of work to read, and I'm afraid I could never sift through it all. But I will remember you and return as new work is published.

4 3 Reply
Fatema Alidina 05 December 2012

Hi, I really liked all the rhymes within the poem, keep it up, wonderful poem.

10 3 Reply

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