Asif Andalib Poems

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Karma Theory Of Islam

God has written down in brief
Our endless life story
That is being played
On the seven-storied stage of sky!

A Bed Of Thorn

Baby my life is like a bed of thorn
If I had a choice I would not be born.

Oh my love is like a bad heartache

My First Love

I have cut off at least a thousand heads of Hydra
But I am still fighting with it
I wish I were Hercules

A Gift From God

I am in love with you right from the start
Flood of love has inundated my heart!

No More War

No more war, please
Please no more war
No more bloodthirsty leader, please
Please no more bloodthirsty leader

Good And Bad

Good are the things
That are proved to be helpful
Bad are the things
That are proved to be harmful

The Truth

If you look at something
From all points of view
You will know the truth
About the thing.

Plants, Insects And Animals

Plants, insects and animals
Are many times more intelligent
Than most of the people think!

A Lonely Man's Monologue

So many false hopes like the stars of a moonless night
Show me the way to survive in this dreary life
I bury so many dreams like a grave digger
And give birth to new ones like a queen bee

God, Mary And Jesus

Can a good person give his lover grief
If he himself possesses all the powers?
Can a good person make his lover mortal
If he himself is immortal?

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