Asif Andalib

Rookie (27 November 1967 / Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh)

Asif Andalib Poems

81. Another Common Tragedy 10/22/2012
82. Another Day 12/6/2012
83. Another Sad Day 10/29/2012
84. Anxiety 10/3/2012
85. As If I’m In Deep Freeze 10/22/2011
86. As If We Are Adam And Eve 10/7/2011
87. As If You Are Helen Of Troy 10/9/2011
88. As If You Are Now Total Darkness 8/26/2012
89. At Last 10/10/2011
90. Autumn’s Clouds 9/19/2011
91. Awe 9/14/2011
92. Babe Love Me Once 9/25/2011
93. Baby Don'T Let My Pen Stop 11/17/2012
94. Baby I Am In Love With You 11/25/2011
95. Baby I Belong To You 10/26/2011
96. Baby I Can’t Forget You 10/26/2011
97. Baby I Don’t Want To See You Again 1/28/2012
98. Baby I Live In Yesterday 11/20/2012
99. Baby I Love You 10 + + 11/21/2012
100. Baby I Love You More 10/31/2011
101. Baby I Love You On And On 11/25/2012
102. Baby No More Love 10/2/2011
103. Baby Please Let Me Love You 1/2/2012
104. Baby Tell Me You Love Me 11/5/2012
105. Baby You Are More Beautiful 12/4/2011
106. Baby You Are My Soul Mate 10/15/2012
107. Baby You Don’t Know 10/25/2011
108. Bad Days 10/1/2011
109. Bad Dream 10/17/2011
110. Bangladesh 9/22/2011
111. Bangles Of Rhyme 9/25/2011
112. Because I Love You 10/22/2012
113. Because You Are Not Here 9/14/2011
114. Beggar Of Love 9/13/2011
115. Believe This Kind Of Stuff 9/14/2012
116. Best Of Luck 10/30/2012
117. Birds Are Twittering 11/3/2012
118. Birth Of A Sweet New Love 4/7/2011
119. Blind Man’s Bluff 10/4/2011
120. Both The Shores Of My Heart - Original By Rabindranath Tagore 5/1/2012
Best Poem of Asif Andalib

Karma Theory Of Islam

God has written down in brief
Our endless life story
That is being played
On the seven-storied stage of sky!
At the same time it’s also true:
We are the architects
Of our own future
Cause we get result of what we do!

However we’ll have the final result
Of our actions on the Day of Resurrection!

God acts according to plans
We should also plan our future
And try to make it happen.

Even God does not know everything
In absolute detail
And He doesn’t need to know it.
It is an endless story
Even God forgets some ...

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Why Have We Met

Why have we met so late, O baby
As if our hands and legs are now tied up
So our minds have got nothing to do but weep daily!

If we never ever met, my love
We would have a consolation at least!

The people are speaking ill of us so much
But we can’t help staring at each other

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