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1. Love Is.... 2/22/2012
2. Insanity, A Step Away 2/22/2012
3. Asuu, My Pain 2/22/2012
4. Take A Stand 2/22/2012
5. Redefination, Naijarap 2/22/2012
6. Old Age 2/22/2012
7. Ditto 2/22/2012
8. Ideal Role Model 2/22/2012
9. Is There God? 2/22/2012
10. Alone, On My Bed 2/22/2012
11. Sex & God 2/22/2012
12. Died A Nobody 2/22/2012

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Alone, On My Bed

Alone in my bed.
Taking quick peeps out of
the square windows,
Little stars, the only source
of illumination,
Small vampires all over, bringing brain shattering
whiz noise,
Powerless i am, as they
bunker my blood away. Nightly whispers becomes
my only console,
The whispers of little
creatures sorting notice,
To them, i have become a
great fan, the listening ear. Down, down, down,
I sink into thought,
Standing in court,
In a witness box, i stand
and fight,
The sadness in my mind, The pain i feel all over,
The cold feelings on my...

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